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The Blueberry Bulletin Presented By Equine Equipment: The Mental Side Of Riding A Young OTTB

This is the third installment in our monthly column from editor-in-chief Natalie Voss following her journey with her 2021 Thoroughbred Makeover hopeful Underscore, fondly known as Blueberry. Read previous editions in this series here and learn Blueberry's origin story and the author's long-running bond with this gelding and his family here. You can find Blueberry's Facebook page here.
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Having A Mental Illness Is Weird Because

Having a mental illness is weird because I could literally be going through the toughest crap and not even shed a tear but then have a mental breakdown because I dropped something on the floor. — @sadkxit.
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Worth a Thousand Words: Mental health is no mind game

Last January I went in for a routine eye exam. Naturally, all the typical things were checked, including my blood pressure. As she read the numbers, the assistant commented that my pressure was a little high. While not being alarming, it was noteworthy because I have typically had lower blood pressure, so a higher reading during a typical exam is unusual.

LeBron was having a mental health crisis in 2011 too

What about 2009 when he lost to Hedo Turkaglu & the magic, which prevented us from a Bron/Kobe finals. What about 2009 when he lost to Hedo Turkaglu & the magic, which prevented us from a Bron/Kobe finals. I don't think LeBron wanted Wade to get the NBA Finals MVP...
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Mental issues suspected in June 27 shooting on Highway 41

A Starkville woman who was shot and killed after seriously wounding a Troy Community man on the front porch of his home on June 27 may have been suffering from mental problems, according to the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department. Pontotoc County Coroner Kim Bedford identified the woman as 24-year-old Shamaesha...
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When a mental health crisis in Texas snowballs into something even worse

A woman experiencing a mental health crisis is writhing in a hospital bed and spits on an attending nurse. A man having a mental breakdown is being placed in handcuffs when he kicks backward and hits a police officer’s shin. Because of stiff penalties and a backlogged state hospital system, those relatively minor assaults can snowball into extended legal debacles for individuals with mental illness in Texas.
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Daily Activity Log.

Cad Comments: Subject // unk weapons having a mental breakdown. Cad Comments: Boyfriend is possibly dead. He is passed out and lips are blue. Incident Address: 2000 BIRCH AVE Lewiston ID 83501. Disposition: INA. Time Reported: 09:59:44. Cad Comments: lady is feeding cats outside, there are 20+ cats, there is...
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We Asked a Therapist Why You Have a Such a Strong Desire to Cut Your Hair During a Mental Breakdown

My first instinct when things go horribly awry is to reach for the scissors and chop off my hair. No matter what causes my emotional distress, my response is always the time: Cut. Your. Hair. In the past four months, I’ve gone through a breakup, started a new job, and moved—a cocktail of stressors. So, as you could guess, the urge to revamp my strands has been incredibly strong. I’ve avoided scratching that itch (thankfully), though I was curious why we have that strong desire to cut our hair during mental breakdowns and emotional times in our lives. It seems to be a common impulse for many of us so there has to be a reason we all feel this way during stressful moments. There is, and Houston-based licensed professional counselor Liz Hughes told us all about it. Read on to learn all about the psychology of changing your hair during emotional breakdowns below!