Halfway To Caturday: Cat Memes And Tweets

Have you been missing Caturday? We feel you, it's been quite a while since the last cat-tastic post graced your feed, and we've still got a few days left until the weekend! Luckily we have a special treat for you, one that we do every Wednesday, and if you love animals, then we have a feeling that you're gonna be pawfectly thrilled about this latest roundup of purrrfect cat memes and tweets.
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This Viral Idaho Meme Makes No Sense…Except It Does and You’ll Hate It

There's nothing like a good viral meme to brighten your day. Lately there have been a ton centered around the two most popular Netflix shows right now: Squid Game and You. I'm personally invested in You memes right now because I identify with the unhinged jealous lead female on the show. I mean, I'm not going to kill anyone, of course. But they're low key relatable.
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An Acceptable Portion Of Memes And Things

One of the many great things about memes is that you can tailor their usage specifically to you. You can take a peek at one or two while you're waiting for the bus, or you can spend entire evenings absorbed in the backwaters of iFunny. You can chuckle at the simple and relatable ones that might even be acceptable to send to your mom, or you can cross over to the dark side and see what passes as dank these days.

This ‘Squid Game’ Cumbia Is Just One Of The Hilarious Memes Latinos Created About The Hit Netflix Series

It’s official: Netflix’s Squid Game taken over the world. There’s no doubting that millions of people sat through the entire series in a mad binge-watching marathon. In fact, the show has barely been out a month and the TikTok hashtag #SquidGame has been viewed more than 39 billion times, and the show holds the number one spot on Netflix in more than 90 countries!

40+ Zesty Random Memes for Humor Fanatics

How do I love memes? Let me count the ways. For the ends of being and ideal grace. Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light. I love memes freely, as men strive for right. I love memes purely, as they turn from praise. I love memes with the passion put...

Jay Z's Priceless Moment With Kelly Rowland Sparks Hilarious Memes

It’s rare seeing genuine emotion from Jay Z who went viral after his unexpected reunion with Kelly Rowland at the star-studded “The Harder They Fall” premiere in LA. The feel-good moment gave us a glimpse at another side of Shawn Carter who looked uncharacteristically animated after spotting Kelly at the event celebrating the upcoming movie-of-the-moment starring Idris Elba, Jonathan Majors, Regina King, and more.

The red flag meme is a red flag for accessibility

But for blind and visually-impaired people that use screen readers and voiceover technology, the red flag meme doesn’t make sense. “Every time I saw that meme come up, I would have voiceover saying ‘triangular flag on a post,'” said Steve Saylor, a Blind Twitch gamer and accessibility advocate. “That’s technically the description of the emoji, but it ruins the meme, because this is about the color of the flag.” IPhone’s voiceover will tell you the number of “triangular flag on post” emojis, rather than reading them one by one, but some screen readers do read out each individual emoji, which means you have to hear “triangular flag on post” 48 times unless you scroll down.