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Reddit Is Surprised By This Not-So-Grilled Cheese Taco Bell Burrito

You can find plenty of tried-and-true classics on the menu at Taco Bell, from soft tacos to quesadillas to nachos. However, it's the new releases that always garner a lot of buzz from fans of the Mexican fast food chain. There was the Flamin' Hot Doritos Locos, which was the perfect marriage of Flamin' Hot chips, Doritos, and Taco Bell tacos. There was the Mexican Pizza, which has been a crowd-favorite for years. And, of course, who could forget Nacho Fries? People went crazy over the French fries seasoned with Mexican spices.
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This warm spinach artichoke dip is extra creamy, with a little added zip

Creamy spinach and artichoke dip is always a hit. It's one of the first things I reach for at parties, and if I'm the one throwing the event, I love enjoying leftover dip - if there is any - for the days to come. Though it's also good cold, I love the warm and melty version of this appetizer, with sturdy pita chips or crackers for dipping.
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How to make a cheesesteak sandwich on a sheet pan

The sheet pan is a workhorse in the kitchen. I reach for it to roast fruits and vegetables, toast nuts, dry-brine my spatchcocked Thanksgiving turkey and just to catch drips under casseroles, but I think I appreciate it most of all when it serves as a vessel for the whole meal.

Shepherd’s pie with cheese that melts in your mouth

Shepherd’s pie with cheese that melts in your mouth! Have you ever heard of bacon cheeseburger shepherd’s pie? I had not until I came across this insanely delicious recipe in my mom’s Betty Crocker cookbook. At first, I couldn’t believe it would taste like a cheeseburger but I am here to tell you, it does and it’s delicious!

Broccoli Cheese Casserole

A Broccoli Cheese Casserole that offers itself as a side dish or a full out meal. It’s easy, comforting, and a total cinch to throw together!. Broccoli and Cheese: An Actual Match Made in Heaven. Here’s something we all learned as children and have taken with us into adulthood—broccoli and...

Mexican Breakfast Casserole +Video

This Mexican breakfast casserole has plenty of cheesy layers, like a Tex-Mex lasagna! Serve it to overnight guests or as an easy weekend brunch. Layer upon layer of corn tortillas, bacon, fresh salsa, and gooey cheese are all inside of this scrumptious breakfast egg bake!. Prepare it all at once...

This Guy Uses Melted Cheese To Seal His Burritos

Nothing hits the spot in the same way as a breakfast burrito, right? Especially one that’s jam-packed with eggs, tomatoes, chorizo and cheese. But if you’re anything like us, trying to actually wrap a burrito can prove… well, tricky. Not you? Maybe you’re a pretty decent burrito-wrapper, and it’s just...

One Pan Pasta Supper | 30 Minute Meal

This One Pan Pasta Supper is super good and is put together in one pan. Less clean-up is the way to go. This recipe makes enough for 6 people. When I was a kid, my Mom found this hot dish recipe that she would make occasionally and it became known in our house as Supper Medley. Maybe this is what the recipe was called where she found it. I have no idea. This is what my family called it.

Cheese Fondue

This post may contain affiliate links. See my privacy policy for details. How to make a hot and delicious classic cheese fondue! It’s so much easier than you think to make and is pretty much guaranteed to always be the hit of the party!. For a sweeter twist, why not...
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The best breakfast burrito in Taos

Taoseños are serious about their breakfast burritos. Whether it’s handheld or smothered with chile and cheese, a great breakfast burrito is more than the sum of its parts. Like all simple, regional dishes, the classic New Mexican breakfast burrito is only as good as the treatment of each ingredient. Scrambled eggs must be creamy with pillowy curds – pallid, overcooked eggs are a strict deal breaker. Diced or shredded potatoes should be properly browned and seasoned. A smattering of green chile is essential, and sautéed onion is a nice touch. Shredded cheese, preferably the yellow, annatto-colored variety, should be evenly distributed so that a harmony of egg, potato, chile, and cheese is achieved with each bite. Finally, the white flour tortilla should be griddled to crisp golden perfection. A soggy or gummy tortilla is the telltale sign of an unloved burrito; these are to be avoided at all costs.