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When Life Throws You Lemons, Make Lemonade — IAB’s Tips for a Progressive 2023

Flexibility is the industry buzzword for the year, as advertisers continue tightening their belts and budgets remain strained. At the start of IAB ALM 2023, incoming chair Alysia Borsa took the audience on a journey where she explored the current state of the industry and what we can expect for the rest of the year.
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No notable budget cuts seen by podcast ad buyers: The Media Roundup

Judges announced for 2023 Publisher Podcast Awards. Forgive us for making this morning’s lead story about about us, but we are very excited to be able to introduce our line-up of judges for the 2023 Publisher Podcast Awards. There are many familiar faces on the list – some who have judged for us since we launched in 2020 – and some super talented new judges joining us too.
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Havas Media Names FreeWheel A Preferred SSP

Transparency is at the top of TV advertisers’ wish lists. And on Wednesday, Havas Media was granted its wish when the agency named FreeWheel a preferred SSP partner for premium video. FreeWheel addresses the agency’s needs for programmatic transparency and supply path optimization (SPO), both of which are key...

Many brands are ‘reluctant buyers’ of ads on retail media networks, study shows

While marketer interest in retail media networks shows no signs of slowing, 88% of brands feel they are somewhat or heavily influenced by retailers to buy advertising on their networks, according to a report by the Association of National Advertisers. Further, 42% of advertisers report questioning their investments in retail...

Podcast ad buyers have yet to see a slowdown

Podcast ad buyers have yet to see notable budget cuts from their clients — though the time of podcasts as the shiny new medium may be coming to an end. Advertising spend in general has been slowing down, as advertisers’ scrutinize their budgets amid rising interest rates, inflation and overall uncertainty around the economy.

02/02/23: The 10th and final season of “The Blacklist” will air on February 26

TO SEEK/SEARCH FOR MORE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR BRAND OFFERINGS. NBCUniversal announced that the recently formed Joint Industry Committee will join a panel at NBCU’s One23 annual developer conference. It will be the first time that broadcasters, holding companies and industry bodies will join each other onstage for a state of the industry conversation to discuss the progress being made to develop measurement certification standards, ahead of its first ever in-person event on April 25. “The acceleration of a multi-currency future requires that both programmers and buyers have a common understanding around the standards needed to power emerging cross-platform measurement solutions,” said David Levy, CEO of OpenAP. “By partnering on the initiatives laid out by the JIC, we will enable more measurement innovation for the benefit of all.” MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle will moderate the discussion.

Horizon Media Connects Its ID To OpenX’s SSP

Supply-side platform OpenX announced Monday that it is deepening its partnership with ad agency Horizon Media by integrating Horizon’s blu.ID into the OpenX platform. The integration is the latest sign that agencies are getting serious about supply-path optimization (SPO) by forging direct relationships with SSPs. These SPO partnerships are being spurred by buyer demands to bypass multi-hop supply chains and eliminate wasteful emissions produced by convoluted programmatic auctions.
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How advertisers can maximise the benefits of addressable media

The economic downturn in Europe looks set to accelerate the shift in ad spend to addressable media, raising the question of what advertisers should do to address the challenges and maximize the benefits. In a growing but slowing advertising market, advertiser budgets in the UK and Europe are expected to...

ATA Outdoor Media —OOH Owner Today

OOH Owner Today — ATA Outdoor Media. ATA Outdoor Media was founded in 1992 and is a woman-owned OOH owner that has a specialty in transit advertising. The business is headquartered in Greenland, NH, and represents 15 markets in New England. ATA states that they cater to clients and work within their budgets to “make the advertising process seamless.” The company covers the entire OOH business process including inquiry, contract, design, printing, installation, and performance photos.