Sister Trio The Warning Release New Single “Martirio”

Hot off the release of their cover of “Enter Sandman” for Metallica’s 30th anniversary The Metallica Blacklist album, Monterrey Mexico hard rock sister trio The Warning are back with “Martirio.” Delivered in the band’s native Spanish, the song is the latest single off of Mayday, their highly-anticipated debut EP via LAVA/Republic Records.

‘Chicago Fire’ 10×01 Review: “Mayday”

Chicago Fire 10×01 “Mayday” is about family. Not the family we are born with, though the show is in no way trying to put that down. Not everyone gets the luck of the draw regarding blood relatives, however, and if Chicago Fire understands something, it’s that even if you aren’t blessed with a family by birth, that doesn’t mean you never get to have a family. You can find your people. You can make your own family. And family …family is forever.
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Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1 Review: Mayday

That was certainly a nail-biter. We weren't sure if everyone would make it out alive for the first few minutes of Chicago Fire Season 10 Episode 1. And just when it seemed like they were in the clear, Cruz was down for the count. We really couldn't be sure if...

Chicago Fire - Mayday - Review: 'It'll Be Okay'

The season premiere of Chicago Fire packed a punch and set up a lot going forward as we usher in season 10... Let's discuss!. As promised, the premiere quickly answered what happened with squad 3 and it first it looked hopeless when the boat became completely submerged and sunk to the bottom of the lake, but this actually bought more time by creating a new air pocket for them. Severide is able to rig an electrical panel to blow a large hole in the hull, giving everyone an escape route. When Severide was about to exit thinking everyone was out, he realized he was missing a man and saw a lifeless Cruz floating above him. Thanks to his lungs of steel, Severide was able to grab Cruz and make it to the surface. Speaking of the surface, at the same time Squad was saving themselves below, Casey had sprung into action and made his way to the site. Whilst he didn't do much to bring them to the surface becuase he literally had no way to, he did help pull Cruz into the rescue boat and administer CPR. Eventually Cruz came back to us and that meant we did not lose any members of our beloved rescue squad.

Big B shares throwback cricket pic from 'Mr. Natwarlal' shoot

Mumbai, Sep 23 (IANS) Amitabh Bachchan has shared a throwback photograph from behind-the-scenes of his film 'Mr. Natwarlal' that released in 1971. The megastar is seen playing cricket with bat "too small for him". Amitabh on Thursday morning posted the black and white picture on Instagram that was taken at...

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10 Premiere Recap: “Mayday”

Season ten begins where nine left off- Squad is trapped inside a sinking boat in the middle of Lake Michigan with no air and no way out. As the boat sank to the bottom of the lake with our boys inside of it, it gave the heart-pounding television that Chicago Fire is known for. Thank God, they didn’t drag it out. I don’t know if my heart could have taken it. Just the audacity of the thought of them taking away Joe Cruz (played by Joe Minoso) was enough to make me scream. Thankfully it all worked out, but I have thoughts about the first ten minutes, especially:

Get to know Grace Van Patten, The Breakout Star of 'Nine Perfect Strangers'

Hulu's latest must-see series Nine Perfect Strangers is coming to a close, but with one episode left, the series is about to get a whole lot "trippier" according to its breakout actor, Grace Van Patten. Created by David E. Kelly and John-Henry Butterworth, Nine Perfect Strangers is adapted from the...

Project Mayday: Chief Mark Romer

What does nearly 40 years of a fire career look like? Hear the story of Chief Mark Romer and his self-reflection of how mental wellness has changed in the fire service – and in his own life. Listen here:. Previous: Hear from Tony Cota about how he started his first...