Squid Game: Russian edition

You know what’s better than one version of Squid Game? Two versions of Squid Game. Unless you’re playing it, of course. Russian designer Feoktist Alekseev has created his own version of the hit Netflix show, replacing the cute but horrific ‘Red Light, Green Light’ doll with something a bit more representative of Russian culture.
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Making her own success! Alexandra Tolstoy whose billionaire oligarch ex was dubbed 'Putin's banker' launches embroidery line 'inspired by her grandmother's Russian dolls' after being 'cut off financially'

Countess Alexandra Tolstoy has launched an embroidery line 'inspired by her grandmother', as she rebuilds her live a year after being 'evicted' from the £12M mansion owned by her Russian billionaire ex. The aristocratic beauty, 47, the daughter of Count Nikolai Tolstoy and ex-partner of Russian billionaire Sergei Pugachev, 58,...
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Family-friendly half-term activities at Expo 2020 Dubai

© Kamran Jebreili There will be a slew of family-friendly activities taking place at Expo 2020 during the half-term holidays. AP. It’s already been established that Expo 2020 Dubai is something of a haven for youngsters, with a wealth of family-friendly attractions to keep children entertained. Follow the latest updates...

Matryoshka phonon twinning in α-GaN

Understanding lattice dynamics is crucial for effective thermal management in electronic devices because phonons dominate thermal transport in most semiconductors. α-GaN has become a focus of interest as one of the most important third-generation power semiconductors, however, the knowledge on its phonon dynamics remains limited. Here we show a Matryoshka phonon dispersion of α-GaN with the complementary inelastic X-ray and neutron scattering techniques and the first-principles calculations. Such Matryoshka twinning throughout the basal plane of the reciprocal space is demonstrated to amplify the anharmonicity of the related phonons through creating abundant three-phonon scattering channels and cutting the lifetime of affected modes by more than 50%. Such phonon topology contributes to reducing the in-plane thermal transport, thus the anisotropic thermal conductivity of α-GaN. The results not only have implications for engineering the thermal performance of α-GaN, but also offer valuable insights on the role of anomalous phonon topology in thermal transport of other technically semiconductors.

Best Ways To Convert MKV to MP4

Videos come in various formats. Whenever you download a video or receive one, you might have come across a variety of video formats. The fact of the matter is that not all formats can be played on all media players or platforms. In such cases, you will have to convert them to a more globally accepted format. Take an MKV file for instance. Although it might not be as popular as other video formats when it comes to supporting an unlimited number of subtitle tracks, audios, and pictures it is considered a great option. The reason being it stores all of these without any compression.

Sundial Growers Needs to Hold For the Return of ‘The Donald’

The Republican Party is a mess, let’s be real. Gone is the classic conservatism of the late great Ronald Reagan. In its place is a disjointed ethos of blatant hypocrisies and fringe conspiracy theories. But what makes the matter troubling for troubled Sundial Growers (NASDAQ:SNDL) stock is that the Democrats are arguably worse. In my opinion, much worse.
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Vigil Ending: Russian Spies, Navy Conspiracies and Murders at Sea

Warning: contains Vigil finale spoilers. Nobody could accuse BBC thriller Vigil of lacking plot. That series was a Matryoshka doll, in which each mystery broke in half to reveal another, then another, and another. What began with a sunk trawler, a heroin overdose and a whistle blower ended with a Russian plot, a multi-layered Naval conspiracy, a drowned activist, three dead crew members, and a saboteur in a cage, shitting in a bucket. Along the way there were family revelations, broken hearts, an extra-marital affair, and the deadliest tin of sliced grapefruit ever to feature on television. Join us as we straighten out anything you may still be pondering after this packed thriller’s post-finale.

FamousSparrow likes hotel data. Ransomware hits another farm co-op. REvil cheated affiliates? Conti warning. Autodiscover flaw. | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

APT focus: ‘Noisy’ Russian hacking crews are among the world’s most sophisticated (The Daily Swig | Cybersecurity news and views) Unpacking the Matryoshka dolls behind Kremlin-backed cybercrime campaigns. Iran may be behind cyberattack on company serving major names in Israeli tech, experts say (Haaretz) After looting 15 terabytes of information...


Russian based artist MATRYOSHKA creator of the eerie and mysterious Mickeyman returns with a new version of his iconic SMILEYMAN. This new ‘Splatter’ version features a realistic paint version with blood splattered details. In fact if you win the lotto for the purchase you can choose the splattered, shorts and gloves color. That’s right a custom of Matryoshka specially made for you.

APT focus: ‘Noisy’ Russian hacking crews are among the world’s most sophisticated

Unpacking the Matryoshka dolls behind Kremlin-backed cybercrime campaigns. State-sponsored Russian cyber espionage groups are among the most sophisticated of the nation-state threat actors, with an added flair for deception that makes them the canniest of adversaries. Experts quizzed by The Daily Swig said that Russian cyber-threat actors are among the...

The Thrill is back: Wild re-signs Calder Trophy winner Kaprizov

The Minnesota Wild have re-signed 2020-21 Calder Trophy winner Kirill Kaprizov to a five-year, $45 million deal. Kaprizov led the Wild and NHL rookies with 51 points in 55 games last season. He also was the top rookie goal scorer -- the 24-year-old left winger netted 19 even-strength goals and eight power-play goals on 157 shots.