Johnny Depp Slams Disney Movies

Johnny Depp has famously become deeply invested in his beloved character of Jack Sparrow. And that investment results from Depp starring as Jack Sparrow in five movies for nearly 15 years. But despite that history, Disney Movies allegedly removed the Pirates of the Caribbean actor from that role. As a...

‘Max Payne 2’ is the best at jumping sideways, and that’s beautiful

Can I talk to you about Max Payne? Can I? Sit down. Pull up a chair. Get comfortable. Max Payne 2 is my favourite game. It is not the best game, in my opinion, not by a long shot, the way that my favourite meal is probably something involving melted cheese that would never win a Michelin star. I appreciate that in the grand scheme of things, when we etch “ART” into a big pillar and display our works on top of it, when we judge the worth of human endeavour, that Max Payne 2 is bumph, sound-and-fury, flashing lights and loud noises.

‘Saturday Night Live’: Get to Know the New Season 47 Cast Members

Saturday Night Live is back on Saturday, October 2, for another sure-to-be hilarious season. Cast members Beck Bennett and Lauren Holt are taking their leave from the sketch series ahead of the Season 47 premiere, but three new comedians are set to make their SNL debuts as the latest cast additions.

The $40 Secret To Frizz-Free Strands — And More Of The Best Just-Launched Hair Products

September came and went in the blink of an eye; so fast that you may have missed all of the new-for-fall products to drop at your go-to beauty store. Thankfully, TZR beauty editors quite literally study everything that hits the shelves like it's their job (it is). They diligently examine product ingredient lists to see what brands are fresh and innovative — so you don't have to waste your hard-earned funds on anything but the best. Find out what’s worth the hype by scrolling through this helpful list of the best just-launched hair care products of September 2021.

'Matrix 4' theory reveals the shocking reason one dead character is back

The Matrix Resurrections is bringing back several dead characters, but one, in particular, could confirm a mind-blowing Matrix 4 theory. Why is Trinity alive? The answer could reveal her mind-blowing true role in the sci-fi franchise. The theory — Over on Reddit, u/missanthropocenex recently put forward an idea about the...

PSA: Shags & Mullets Are About To Be Everywhere

At the end of the day, a "cool" haircut says more about the wearer than the cut itself. When you see someone with great style who also happens to have great bangs, you inevitably start thinking about a haircut. This fall, we're seeing a lot of bangs, but not so...

How the Themes of Identity in ‘The Matrix’ Influenced an Entire Generation

1999—it was a year that buzzed with excitement, as well as fears. The calendar flipped like it had something to prove: President Bill Clinton was acquitted by the Senate’s impeachment trial, The Sopranos began airing on HBO, and Michael Jordan retired from the NBA for the second time. It was a year where the youngest Gen Xer was turning twenty, just at the beginning of their journey through adulthood. A new century was racing towards us at a pace we hadn’t quite been prepared for, and we became a generation of angst. So, we immersed ourselves in what had allowed many of us to connect to the world at large since childhood: entertainment.

Fan Theory Suggests The Matrix And Terminator Universes Are Connected

The Matrix and The Terminator are two sci-fi masterpieces about killer AI in the future that spurred massive movie franchises with pioneering special effects, so it’s only natural that a new fan theory is making the rounds on the internet proposing that the two are actually connected. According to GameRant,...

How & Why Every Character Returns

Here are the most convincing theories for how and why each main character returns in The Matrix Resurrections. The Wachowski sisters’ Matrix trilogy seemingly concluded in 2003, with Neo sacrificing himself to end the war between Earth’s last remaining humans and a race of machines who view their mortal creators as a convenient power source. The Matrix Revolutions promised a brighter future ahead, with everyone plugged into the Matrix simulation offered a route back to reality. Almost 20 years later, The Matrix Resurrections is set to trigger a whole new existential crisis in 2021.

‘Matrix 4’ theory reveals the return of a mind-blowing forgotten villain

Something is wrong in the trailer for The Matrix Resurrections, and it has everything to do with a new character played by Neil Patrick Harris. The highly-anticipated teaser opens with Keanu Reeves sitting in a therapist office across from Harris, who seems to be prescribing Neo a heavy dosage of Blue Pills to keep him from (re)discovering the Matrix.

Coverage: “Subliminal Matrix” Solo Exhibition by Zhang Ji at Volery Gallery, Dubai

Last September 22nd, Volery Gallery opened Subliminal Matrix, a solo exhibition by Beijing-based Chinese painter Zhang Ji. This exhibition showcases a precisely calibrated selection of 12 paintings, created from 2018 – 2020, which demonstrates Zhang’s wholehearted engagement with the very structures and systems of painting. Subliminal Matrix is a collaboration of Volery Gallery with art collector and advisor Fabien Fryns who has been active in the contemporary art scene since 1986.

Would You Take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Remember when The Matrix first dropped? The year was 1999 and those fight scenes and the entire concept blew people's minds. Everyone wanted to dress like Neo or be Neo but there can only be one!. NO MOVIE HAS QUESTIONED REALITY OR HUMANITY’S FUTURE LIKE THE MATRIX. PLUG IN TO...