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Treme mass shooting suspect arrested as he tried to leave town

It’s the second of two mass shootings to hit New Orleans within hours of each other. Before 5am, gunfire wrung out near Iberville and N. After the shooting, the Times-Picayune/New Orleans Advocate reports a 15-year-old boy rushed to his home and began packing after admitting he shot someone and had to get out of town.
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Mass shooting victims sue large capacity magazine maker

(Reuters) - Survivors of a 2019 mass shooting that killed nine people in Dayton, Ohio have sued the manufacturer of the large-capacity magazine that allowed the gunman to fire 41 shots in 30 seconds without reloading. In a complaint filed Sunday in Clark County, Nevada, the survivors, along with deceased...
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Chicago shootings wound 49 and kill 4 over the weekend

Various shootings in Chicago wounded 49 people and killed four since Friday. According to ABC Chicago, there were three mass shootings on Saturday alone. First, a gunman opened fire at a group at Jackson Park a little after 1:20 AM. As a result, the shooter injured four people. While they all received treatment at University of Chicago Medical Center, one man was in serious condition because of his leg wound.
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Child killed, shooting on Bourbon in violent weekend

Nine people have been shot during a particularly violent weekend across New Orleans with two mass shootings within hours of each other. The first occurred at Bourbon and Orleans in the French Quarter, around 2am when a man opened fire, hitting five people. The victims were all males ages 30,...
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‘Instruments of Slaughter’: Families of Dayton Mass Shooting Victims Sue Manufacturer of 100-Round Magazine Used by Gunman

Families of the victims of the 2019 mass shooting in Dayton, Ohio filed a lawsuit Sunday night against the manufacturer of the high-capacity magazine used by gunman Connor Betts when he opened fire on the crowd inside a local bar in 2019. The mass shooting only lasted for approximately 32 seconds, but Betts, armed with a rifle equipped with a double-drum 100-round capacity magazine, was able to fire 41 rounds. Betts killed nine people and injured another 27 before he was gunned down by responding police officers.
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Families of 2019 Dayton Shooting Victims Sue Magazine Manufacturer

The families of people killed in a 2019 mass shooting in Dayton have filed a lawsuit against the manufacturer of the extended magazine used by the shooter. The Brady organization, which lobbies to prevent gun violence, says many mass shootings have been possible because of high capacity magazines that let shooters fire so many rounds without reloading.

Families of Dayton shooting victims sue high-capacity ammo magazine manufacturer

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WSYX) — The man who pulled the trigger is dead, unable to be held accountable for shooting and killing nine people in Dayton’s Oregon District. But families of the shooting victims said someone needs to be held accountable, which is why they are suing the company the manufactures high-capacity magazines like the one Connor Betts was using on August 4, 2019.