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How do you get Onyx armor in Mass Effect?

The Onyx armor is granted when the player has achieved the title “Honorary Specter.” This is given when Shepard sides with Commander Shepard during Legion’s loyalty mission. There are three main story missions that can be completed to earn the onyx armor. The first mission is in...
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Mass Effect 3 Review - Is It Good or Bad?

To this day, Mass Effect 3 is known in its community for having one of the most divisive game endings of all time. After all these years, the question remains: is Mass Effect 3 good or bad? In this article, I will offer a fair and unbiased review of Mass Effect 3.
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DemoNights 2022: Kicks off February 3rd

The yearly event DemoNight kicks off 2022, starting February 3rd to the 5th. The event hosted by Gameplay Space is one of the year’s biggest developer events. O studios from Quebec a chance to show the projects their currently working on in front of a large audience. A history...

Dying Light 2 Is Finished And Ready For Release

Dying Light 2 gets ever closer. According to Dying Light 2 lead designer Tymon Smektala over at Techland, the team making the game has finished polishing the title and are now waiting for it to release. He also confirmed that his work for Dying Light 2’s day one patch is done. Check out the full tweet below.

10 Games Turning 10 this 2022

This past decade has been amazing for the video game industry. With newer hardware being released every few years, boundaries in gameplay, graphics, and design are constantly being pushed. Want to see newer games? Check out these games coming out as PC exclusives this year. Here are 10 games turning 10 this 2022, because you needed the reminder that you’re getting old.

The Best Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mods Ever Created

Mass Effect Legendary Edition recently launched on Game Pass, giving players who have never experienced Bioware’s sci-fi trilogy before a chance to see what all the fuss is about. And giving veteran players the perfect excuse to jump in for yet another playthrough, perhaps with a few Mass Effect Legendary Edition mods added into the mix for some fresh gameplay.
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A Complete Guide to the Mass Effect Legendary Edition

BioWare released Mass Effect Legendary Edition in May of 2021. As such, people might want to check it out if they have an interest in shooter-based action RPGs, particularly if they also have an interest in sci-fi. It Is a Compilation. It is important to note that Mass Effect Legendary...