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This COVID pandemic Rule No. 1 is being violated more than any other. See Arrowhead

First rule in a pandemic: Don’t do anything really stupid. Check. But that rule is being violated more often than mask mandates. Case in point: As Jackson County has moved to shut down tiny Rae’s Cafe in Blue Springs for blatantly violating the county’s mask order, nearly 75,000 screaming Kansas City Chiefs fans packed GEHA Field at Arrowhead Stadium for the team’s opener last Sunday.
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Two of California governor Gavin Newsom’s children test positive for Covid-19

Two of California Governor Gavin Newsom’s children have tested positive for Covid-19, according to a statement from his office. Mr Newsom has not tested positive. Both children have mild symptoms and will quarantine. “The governor’s children tested positive for Covid-19,” spokesperson Erin Mellon said in a statement on Friday night....
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Chris Christie's Nephew's Bar Mitzvah Caused COVID-19 Outbreak In New Jersey

Former Gov. Chris Christie's nephew's Bar Mitzvah caused a school closure in New Jersey after a nasty COVID-19 outbreak. According to school officials, several students and adults have contracted the virus while celebrating the 13-year-old son of Todd and Andrea Christie's event last weekend. Article continues below advertisement. "There were,...

Maskless Met Gala Scene, With Face-Covered Servers Waiting On “Liberal Swells”, Mocked As Double Standard By Bill Maher: “Do The Germs Know Who The Good People Are?!”

As cultural activities have begun drawing crowds again after the Covid-19 abyss of 2020, masks and other protocols have been a work in progress — especially when red carpets are involved. Real Time host Bill Maher, during tonight’s panel segment on the show, criticized what he saw as a disconnect at this week’s Met Gala in New York. He flashed on the screen a number of photos from the glitzy event showing maskless guests being attended to by staffers who were wearing masks. Maher said these kinds of tableaux are becoming common in 2021 as people navigate the return to norms...

Chris Christie’s Nephew’s Bar Mitzvah Triggers COVID Shutdown

Former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s nephew celebrated his bar mitzvah last weekend and many attendees caught COVID, forcing a New Jersey middle school to shut down and return to virtual classes on Friday, reports the New York Post. The party for the 13-year-old son of Todd and Andrea Christie was held at the Avenue A Club in Newark, and in one photo posted from the event—and since deleted—the family appeared maskless. “There were, unfortunately, a few adult cases and a few student cases that came out of it,” said Mendham Township school Superintendent Salvatore Constantino, adding that “a few cases” popped up earlier at the middle school. Hence, the school “thought it would be prudent for us to go virtual again on Friday.” Constantino did not reveal how many kids were infected at the bar mitzvah.

FROM THE EDITOR: When remembrance stands next to denial

The Thursday morning traffic on Front Street was ripping along, not too worried about the speed limit or the impending Main Street traffic light. It was a typical Butte passing show, lots of newish Suburbans and F150s and 4-Runners, a few elderly sedans and more than a few Montana millennials rolling loud in lifted pickups, their stereos and exhaust pipes competing for decibel dominance.
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Mailbox: Ohio State opener was a horrible mess, from ticketing to Kerry Coombs and beyond

Editor's note: Emails in this column were sent before Saturday's game between Ohio State and Tulsa. Editor: No, this is not about how we lost the game to Oregon. Simply put, they beat us. I’ve been going to Ohio State games for over 50 years. I don’t know what the athletic department is thinking. A number of changes have been made. No, this isn’t about the ticketing. I had to wait in line for an hour to get a bottle of water. We were packed like sardines. Getting into and out of the stadium was an adventure. Barriers have been placed outside around the south end of the stadium. With the mass of humanity trying to get to their gates, this is a disaster waiting to happen. Ever felt you might be in a stampede? It was just as bad on the way out. How can these changes be made without regard to safety? Even without COVID this was dangerous. In those 50 years, this was the worst.

Want to shop, or be employed? Get your CDC vaccination card now

WASHINGTON: Joe Biden says that he is tired of you, the unvaccinated. Therefore you will get your COVID jab and carry your vaccination card. Or else. No travel, shopping, dining, or employment. The first sign someone is playing you is when someone, in this case, our elite public officials, tells...

Taliban replaces Afghan WOMEN’S MINISTRY with their VIRTUE and MORALS police

After 20 years in Afghanistan, Joe Biden oversaw a retreat instead of a withdrawal, abandoning key facilities important to the nation’s civilian and military infrastructure, withdrawing support and disabling equipment, and essentially telling the Taliban “we surrender, come on in.”. It didn’t have to go that way. In fact it...

Hub Phest returns to Pharr with higher attendance

PHARR — Hub Phest made its return here Saturday after it was forced to cancel due to COVID-19 last year, drawing more attendance than in previous years, according to officials. The event’s theme was “Country Boots, Tejano Roots,” and many looked forward to Bo Garza’s performance. Edgar Cazares, building inspector...