Kevin Durant Marvels Over Lil Durk's Basketball Skills

Kevin Durant is one of if not the best player in the entire NBA. Having said that, he knows exactly what it takes to be good at ball, and he can sniff talent out when it presents itself. KD has played with some incredible players throughout his career, and it should come as no surprise that he is always showing love to those who deserve it.
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Brand New ‘Eternals’ Merch Arrives at Disney Springs

With the MCUs newest adventure only a few weeks away, now World of Disney is providing fans with new content for the film as Brand New Eternals merch arrives at Disney Springs. The new collection of items contain three distinct pieces, all representing the adventure of Marvels newest family of superheroes, coming this November. Eternals will tell the story of Century old immortal beings,...
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Urban Decay x Marvels Eternals Eyeshadow Palette

Urban Decay Eternals Marvel Studios Eyeshadow Palette is a new, limited edition eyeshadow palette for the holiday season that included seven (mostly) matte shades complemented by eight shimmery shades. I found the quality to be all over the place, but oddly, the mattes were harder to blend out; sometimes Urban Decay’s matte eyeshadows are powdery, but they tend to blend out fine, so it was unexpected. The shimmers tended to be drier or sheerer and would be more usable for someone who always uses their shimmer eyeshadows wet. In a way, it’s exactly what I feel like I’ve come to expect from Urban Decay’s eyeshadow palettes these days but that’s still a little tough to accept at times.

Samuel L. Jackson Coinfirms Marvels ‘Secret Invasion’ Has Begun Filming

With the MCUs Phase Four slate feature an incredible number of projects over the next two years, we have news as Samuel L. Jackson confirms Marvels Secret Invasion has begun filming. One of the stars of the show, Jackson has been integral to the history and continuation of the Marvel Cinematic Universe as an entity; portraying the orchestrator of the Avengers initiative, Nick Fury. The veteran...

Wondersticks, stuffed turkey legs and myriad fried marvels at the state fair this weekend

The Arkansas State Fair is back after taking a pandemic year off, so all the deep- fried wonders you missed out on last year can be made up for in spades. Speaking of wondering, we’ve been talking about Wondersticks at the office for weeks: a capital J-shaped crunchy tube with ice cream coming out of both ends. Surely the ice cream doesn’t go all the way through, right? Wrong. It’s State Fair magic in all its glory. The crunchy tubes come in cinnamon and original flavors, and they taste a lot like breakfast cereal. Why is this concoction shaped like a fish hook? Unclear. Does it taste better than a regular cone? Nah, but it looks cooler. Watch the magical video above to see how it’s done.

Phonak Marvel sent in for repair

I have phonak marvel 70 r. Was having problems with hearing. Had hearing test today. Provider said my hearing was slightly worse. She recommended sending aids back to phonak for repair as left rocker switch was not working. Will phonak completely rebuild both aids and replace batteries? If you have sent your aids back to phonak for repair what was your experience and what was the turnaround time? My aids are only 1 year 10 months old, so still under warranty. Provider said a week probably to get them back. Would like to hear from anyone else who has done this, whether under warranty or not. Luckily I have back up aids , nowhere as good as the phonaks. I feel the repair is really needed due to me, cause I sweat alot in humid weather.

Stateside Podcast: He read All of the Marvels

With great bookshelves come great responsibilities. For writer and critic Douglas Wolk, that means consuming some 27,000 comic books – the entirety of Marvel comics’ output spanning more than half a century. And he wrote a book about it: All of the Marvels published October 12. GUEST:. Douglas Wolk, writer,...

Marvel Reveals NEW Photos of Tom Holland and Zendaya in ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’

Every Marvel fan is on the edge of their seats for sneak peeks of Spider Man: No Way Home , Marvels last dance with actor Tom Holland as Peter Parker. Two months away from releasing in theaters, Marvel dropped two new photos from No Way Home that you have to see. Related: Tom Holland Says ‘Spider Man: No Way Home’ Is End of Franchise Hot off the press from Entertainment Weekly are two new...
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‘No one is like you.’ Kentucky native Kinsey Rose marvels again on ‘The Voice’

Kinsey Rose once again impressed the coaches during Monday’s episode of “The Voice,” and ultimately got to pick whose team she would remain in for the competition. But the bragging rights from Monday’s battle round went to Girl Named Tom, an Ohio band which performed alongside Rose, a native of Louisville who currently lives in Nashville. They performed Steve Young’s “Seven Bridges Road,” showing off their harmonization from the first note.


Andy Battaglia of Comics Etc. in Rochester, New York writes in to share his experience with the first two weeks of Marvel shipments from Penguin Random House Publisher Services (see "World According to Griepp: Distributor Wars"). PRH is still using inferior boxes to ship and our first shipment was loaded...