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Marvel’s Classic CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 to Get Facsimile Edition

ROY THOMAS (W) BARRY WINDSOR-SMITH (A/C) Over fifty years ago, legendary writer Roy Thomas teamed with visionary artist Barry Windsor-Smith for the first comic book adaptation of Robert E. Howard’s pulp novel icon — introducing True Believers to swords and sorcery in the Mighty Marvel Manner! Conan comic books soon became a huge, industry-changing success story — and it all began with CONAN THE BARBARIAN #1 in 1970! Join the young Cimmerian warrior as he and an Aesir raiding party invade the land of Vanaheim — setting Conan on a path of adventure leading to winged demons, a dark temple and the mysterious Star-Stone, which would offer a vision of Conan’s future as a king! It’s one of the all-time great Marvel comic books, boldly re-presented in its original form, ads and all! Reprinting CONAN THE BARBARIAN (1970) #1.
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Marvel, DC warns artists against selling its superhero NFT

Marvel, DC warns artists against selling its superheroes art as NFTs. Marvel working on preparing a secondary revenue window for the artists. Potential of NFT technology remains limitless. Popular comic giants Marvel and DC have warned artists and ‘plagiarists’ against selling original prints of published works due to their plans...

Marvel and DC bar comic book artists from selling superhero NFTs

Marvel and DC seem to be breaking away from the established tradition of allowing creators and artists to sell original prints of published works due to their reported plans for entry into the nonfungible token (NFT) space. According to Bloomberg, the two comic book staples have barred artists from selling...

How To Get Free Skins In Fortnite

One of the reasons Fortnite is the most popular battle royale game available today is its variety of different cosmetic upgrades available to spice up the game. Over the years since Fortnite launched there have been many collaborations with big pop culture properties, movies, music, and all kinds of other cosmetic items that bring familiar characters into the world of Fortnite.

How Comic Books Tackled 9/11: Then and Now

It has been twenty years since the September 11th, 2001 attacks, yet for any American old enough to remember, it feels like it was just a few years ago. However, it has been over a generation since we witnessed the attacks. For many of today’s comic book readers, it’s just all history to them. They weren’t alive when it happened, and some had parents that hadn’t even met 20 years ago.

World's biggest comic-book publishers spook artists with NFTs

It will surprise few that after a digital mosaic sold for $69 million in March as an NFT, or non-fungible token, comic-book giants Marvel and DC informed their artists they shouldn't try the same with the likes of Black Widow or Batman. Some of those artists, along with dealers and...

Batman v Superman’s Wonder Woman Introduction Was Better in the Comics

Batman v Superman’s “I thought she was with you” is a funny moment, but the comics nailed each hero’s respect for Wonder Woman by flipping this line. While Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice is a famously controversial film – often held up as an exemplar of modern big-budget film-making gone wrong – one element that many identified as a highlight was Gal Gadot’s depiction of Wonder Woman. But while the formation of DC’s Trinity against the monstrous Doomsday worked well enough – with both Batman and Superman assuming the superpowered Amazon was an ally of the other – the comics made this moment perfect by going in the exact opposite direction.