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Marketers are targeting teens with cheap and addictive vapes: 9 ways to stem rising rates of youth vaping

Existing regulations have not managed to reduce the rising rates of youth vaping in Aotearoa New Zealand. Both the latest NZ Health Survey and Snapshot Y10 survey reported high levels of daily vaping among young people aged 18 to 24 (23%) and 14 to 15 (10% overall, but more than 20% among rangatahi Māori). Other studies and reports from school principals confirm we need urgent action to address youth vaping. But what measures should policymakers implement? To answer this question, we need to consider how vape marketing makes these products widely available, appealing, addictive and affordable. We outline nine measures...
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Lipari Foods To Join 2023 NGA Show Lineup

The NGA Show has announced the addition of a specialty food distributor Lipari Foods to its lineup. Lipari Foods, based in Warren, Michigan, will be making its NGA Show debut with a 30-by-50-foot showcase, featuring exclusive and national brands. “Our team has attended The NGA Show in the past as...
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Digital Shelf Strategy: The Key to Commerce Success

We’ve all found ourselves wandering through stores, browsing the shelves, picking up items to check them out and deciding which to buy — and which to put back. Digital shelves work the same way but in the virtual world. Shoppers rely on this collection of digital touchpoints to engage with brands and seek, research and purchase different products.
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This Week at Central & Online: Jan 30-Feb 5

1 Lafayette Square, Buffalo, NY 14203 716-858-8900 | Monday, January 30 Library open 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. 3:00 PM 5:00 PM Crafting @ Central. Collections Gallery Kids’ Area. 3:30 PM 3:45 PM Easy Asian Cooking: Miso Soup. (online) 5:00 PM 6:50 PM Erie County Probation Dept....

Chasity Witt Re/Max Experience

We were joined in the Mix Studio by Chasity Witt a Re/Max Experience realtor here in Cleveland. Learn more about her and the properties she is currently presenting online at About Chasity. As a RE/MAX® agent, I’m dedicated to helping my clients find the home of their dreams. Whether...

Proven Strategies for Increasing Tenant Demand and Maximize Your Investment

Improve curb appeal, make your property stand out, and invest in regular maintenance and repairs. Provide quality customer service during the application process to find responsible tenants who will make rentals successful. Utilize various marketing strategies, including offering incentives, creating a website, and keeping rental costs competitive. Encourage word-of-mouth referrals...

NetElixir Releases AI-Powered Digital Marketing Platform

AI-powered digital marketing platform LXRInsights leverage high-value customer segments leading to a 2x increase in conversions compared to regular audiences. NetElixir, one of the independent digital marketing agencies in the United States, recently launched its proprietary AI-powered digital marketing platform, LXRInsights. This new product combines the power of machine learning with a human touch.
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Guerrilla Marketing Society provides creative, low-cost solutions to clients

At Boston University’s Guerrilla Marketing Society, the sky’s the limit. The group has worked on marketing campaigns for big name clients — from Expedia to Spotify as well as campus favorites like Caffè Nero and Rhythm ‘N Wraps. Vice President of GMS Kelly Shao, a...

The rise of the niches – who’s been missing out on influencer marketing?

This article is based on research from individuals who lead consumer influencer divisions or specialisms at 33 PR agencies, surveyed in December and January. The project is from PRWeek in association with the Branded Content Marketing Association (BCMA). Stay tuned for more insights over the coming days. Pre-pandemic, it may...

The Top Challenges Facing CMOs in 2023

How are CMOs rising to the challenges they are facing in 2023. The past two years have been chaotic and unforgiving to brands that didn’t or were unable to adapt to drastic changes in the way they do business. In 2023, marketers continue to face challenges including economic uncertainty, a focus on consumer privacy and the eventual demise of third-party data, changing consumer spending behaviors, budget cuts and a shrinking workforce.

How Small Businesses Can Streamline Marketing Workflows

Marketing teams have lots to deal with; email campaigns, social media management, advertising campaigns, content strategies, and much more besides. A proper plan is the foundation of any successful marketing campaign. Streamlining your marketing workflows can help you build solid marketing strategies that will make the most of your marketing...
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5 Ways To Combine SEO & SEM For More Effective Marketing ROI

As a marketer facing economic uncertainty (and the resulting budget cuts), it’s more important than ever to rethink your company’s digital strategy. But how do you maximize results if you have less to work with? How should you allocate your marketing spend to generate the highest ROI possible?

14 Industry-Disrupting Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2023

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How to Recession Proof Your Marketing

5 marketing strategies to protect and grow revenue. How to recession-proof your marketing guide. Download the copy here.

Ecommerce Marketing Strategies: Grow Your Business With These Tools

There’s a customer for every niche, and they will find you when you send out the right signals. Whether you’re a music fan with a knack for finding deep cuts on viny — connecting fellow collectors with the rarest of records — or a foodie hooking up the next generation of celebrity chefs with the tools they need to get creative in the kitchen, passion alone won’t help you find your customers. However, proven ecommerce marketing strategies will.

How An Automation CMO Views ChatGPT

Robocorp CMO Dave Dabbah is a full-stack marketing leader with a proven record of success driving growth and brand recognition. The ChatGPT revolution has officially gone into full unicorn mode, which theoretically should mean that marketers across the globe can now significantly increase their ability to produce high-quality content at scale.

Hallmark Quietly Changing How Viewers Will Watch Content

If you think Hallmark has made a lot of changes, you haven’t seen anything yet. Hallmark Media has quietly made some new acquisitions that will forever change the network. What are these changes and why should viewers be ready for a huge change?. Hallmark Media Welcomes Two New Additions.

10 Facebook Post Ideas Your Audience Will Love

If you are looking for a diverse Facebook content strategy. Then the most important step for you is to be the selection of topics for the content that you are going to post. Facebook is a diverse and one of the most popular social media platforms. Around 2 billion people (see here) use this application for a lot of purposes.

Brian Booth has been appointed Director of Sales & Marketing at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas - Texas' first and Dallas' only five-star hotel is proud to announce the appointment of Brian Booth as Director of Sales and Marketing, adding to its exceptional team of industry-leading talent. In his new role, Booth will develop and implement sales initiatives and marketing strategies to support the luxury property's continued growth while delivering unparalleled levels of distinguished service.