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Wiktorek Advocates for Veteran Suicide Awareness

When asked about her book, What I Wish I Had Known, which Kirkus Reviews calls “[a]n affecting story of loss, grief, and recovery,” Laura Wiktorek immediately replied, “I wish I didn’t have to write it.”. “I wish the story didn’t have to be told,” Wiktorek reiterates...
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Lacey Evans Gets Repackaged Yet Again On WWE SmackDown

Another month results in another gimmick change for Lacey Evans. During Friday night’s episode of WWE SmackDown, a new vignette aired for Lacey Evans that looked back at her time serving as a Marine. In the vignette, which you can see below, a voiceover talked about the WWE Superstar...
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Fullerton’s Justin Juknelis presents a handmade tribute guitar to Marine veteran

Long-time Fullerton resident, Justin Juknelis, was born and raised in Baltimore, MD. He left the East Coast and the Chesapeake Bay with little more than the clothes on his back, a guitar slung over his shoulder and ventured to sunny Southern California’s palm trees and beaches in 1987 to seek his fame and fortune in the music industry.

WWE Repackaging Lacey Evans’ Gimmick On SmackDown Again

Lacey Evans had to take a break from WWE due to her pregnancy. She came back with a new gimmick, but even that didn’t last long. She’s getting another character change on SmackDown. WWE aired a video package for Lacey Evans during SmackDown this week. As seen in...

Over 80% of Panda Global's sponsored fighting game team appears to have resigned so far

The competitive Super Smash Bros. community is very different than it was just a week ago, and that now very much includes one of the largest eSports organizations connected to the scene. Following Panda Global's first statement made regarding the controversy surrounding the Smash World Tour's cancellation and behind-the-scenes operations,...

‘To bring back pride in the Three Lions badge, I did Marine training with the England team’

Of all the many things credited with turning around the fortunes of the England football team in the past five years – from Harry Kane’s captainship to Gareth Southgate’s gentle management style to the raw talent of the squad’s rising stars – the power of a sheep dip in Devon isn’t often listed among the reasons for the Three Lions’ success. But in the summer of 2017, a week before the World Cup qualifier against Scotland that would be Kane’s first as captain, England found themselves faced with an unusual challenge. The team were sitting in the briefing room at St George’s Park – the Football Association’s headquarters in Staffordshire – when the Royal Marines burst into the room, took their phones and watches, and bundled them onto a bus to Lympstone to be put through their paces by the Green Berets.
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Whelan: The goal is to get Paul home before their parents die

Earlier this week I wrote about American Paul Whelan who is imprisoned in Russia on charges of espionage. His family was worried because Whelan missed a previously scheduled phone call to them on Thanksgiving day. It was the first call he’d missed and the family was being told Whelan had been moved to a hospital.
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Rick Windham’s 2022 Christmas Wish List

We are wrapping up 2022, and as for many years before, I have a Christmas Wish list to help you with your final holiday shopping tasks. For the last 24 years, this annual column has become very popular with many readers. It’s also unique because it is the only column of the year where I provide the same information for all the publications I work with.

The VA is failing America's heroes -- again

"If I'd gone to the VA, I would have died." That's what Marine veteran Chinaza Duson told Atlanta NBC affiliate 11 Alive after she nearly died of a heart attack this summer waiting to be seen at her local Veterans Affairs medical center. Sadly, veterans across America utter similar words all the time....

12 Major Ports In Tasmania

Tasmania is Australia’s island state, situated 240 kilometres south of the mainland, separated from it by the Bass Strait. It is the least populated state of Australia, with most of the population living in the capital and the largest city of Hobart. Its primary industries are mining, agriculture, tourism and forestry. It also exports food, including fish like salmon, abalone and crayfish.

Marine Fighting Squadrons Vmf And Vmfa

Marine fighter attack squadrons. the marine corps' vmfa squadrons fly the single seat f a 18a , f a 18c c hornet and f 35b lightning ii. their primary role is to intercept and destroy enemy aircraft and to attack and destroy surface targets in all weather conditions. each hornet squadron operates 12 aircraft, each f 35b squadron operates 16. Marine fighting squadron 215 (vmf 215) was a fighter squadron of the united states marine corps that was activated and fought during world war ii. known as "the fighting corsairs", they fought in many areas of the pacific war, including the battle of bougainville. during their four and a half month tour, the squadron was credited with shooting. Vmf 312 marine fighter squadron 312 'checkerboards' redesignated vmf(aw) 312 in 1963 > see vmfa 312: vmf 314 marine fighter squadron 314: redesignated vmf(aw) 314 in 1957 > see vmfa 314: vmf 321 marine fighter squadron 321: redesignated vmfa 321 in 1973: vmf 322 marine fighter squadron 322 'fighting gamecocks' redesignated vma 322 in 1958. In june 1994, vmfa 314 was one of the first mag 11 squadrons to move from mcas el toro to nas miramar. in february 1996, the black knights received new lot 18 f a 18c aircraft. in 1997, vmfa 314 transferred to carrier air wing nine and deployed on an "around the world" cruise onboard the uss nimitz. Marine attack squadron 214 history marine fighter squadron 214 (vmf 214) was originally commissioned on 1 july 1942, at ewa field, on the island of oahu, in the hawaiian island group. initially called the “swashbucklers”, they were disbanded following their combat tour and the squadron designation was given to the marine command on espiritu.