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Kate Winslet on Keeping the ‘Mare of Easttown’ Ending Secret and Falling in Love With Cheez Whiz

Emmy nominated actress Kate Winslet admits that she has spent the past year eating far too much Cheez Whiz. In HBO’s Emmy nominated show, “Mare of Easttown” Winslet plays a no-nonsense police detective who eats the liquid spray cheese right from the can. And yes, the British actress confesses she “actually likes Cheez Whiz… I must have gone through about three and a half cans.” For six weeks, viewers tuned in to follow Winslet’s Mare as she worked to solve the murder and the disappearance of a local teenage girl. By the series finale, 3 million people tuned in to learn who...

Kate Winslet on Building Her ‘Mare of Easttown’ Character and Not Being ‘A Fraud’

Even after winning an Oscar and an Emmy, Kate Winslet is still afraid of “fucking up.”. “I’m just like, if I don’t do the fucking homework, I’m going to be outed as a fraud. And so I better just keep doing it as much as possible so that I’ve got the fattest safety net. That’s my thing,” Winslet said in the Variety Streaming Room, presented by HBO.

Why ‘Mare of Easttown’ Excels by Focusing on Motherhood, Not Crime

Mare Sheehan’s (Kate Winslet) struggle to face the pain of losing her teenaged son to suicide (Cody Castro as Kevin Sheehan) is the heart of Mare of Easttown. Mare is the detective of Easttown, a small town in Philadelphia’s western suburbs. Providing the series a criminal drama framework is the murder of Erin McMenamin (Cailee Spaeny), a local, young teenage mother. In fact, everyone is considered a local in Mare of Easttown. The town’s tight physical perimeter is how its residents know and relate to each other.

Mare of Easttown DVD: A Master Class In Storytelling

If you have never seen Mare of Easttown (as I had not), you will find it to be a very deeply layered study of very realistic characters. I know people use the phrase a lot, but it really is a Master Class in storytelling. Mare of Easttown is the story...

DVD Contest: Mare of Easttown: An HBO Original Limited Series

We’re thrilled to announce that we have (1) copy of Mare of Easttown: An HBO Original Limited Series to give away! Mare of Easttown becomes available on DVD on September 14, 2021!. Ready to enter? All you need to do is:. Leave a comment below saying you want to see...

‘Mare of Easttown’ Review: Kate Winslet Turns HBO’s Riveting Mystery Into a Great Character Drama

“Mare of Easttown” contains at least two complementary shows, both deeply satisfying. One is an absorbing character drama about Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet) and the denizens of Easttown, Pennsylvania. Mare, an exquisitely Irish name for a woman who’s stubborn, guarded, and nonetheless charming, is a former town patron who’s on the verge of becoming a pariah. Decades removed from her high school basketball heroics, she’s a divorced detective who been unable to close a missing person’s case. One friend has already turned against her, and the locals’ agitation only grows when another young girl turns up dead.

Mare of Easttown Is More Than It Appears to Be

At first, Mare of Easttown looks familiar. The HBO limited series follows an attempt to solve the murder of a young woman and the possibly related disappearances of two others, a plot that’s played out on television more times than can be counted. Its protagonist is a traumatized police detective who pushes boundaries to get to the bottom of the case, a type that’s figured into such crime stories since practically forever. The show is set in a small Pennsylvania town whose modest brick homes, lined up in neat rows, chimney after chimney, are among the first images that appear in episode one, which begins in the azure light of a brisk winter day as the sun slowly rises. Immediately, you feel the sense of melancholy embedded in the cellular makeup of this close-knit, working-class hamlet. That mood, mixed with all those other elements, evokes a number of recent and semi-recent series, including Happy Valley, Top of the Lake, Sharp Objects, and Clarice.
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HBO Max Releases Crime Drama ‘Mare of Easttown’

While the premise of a detective trying to solve a murder during personal crises may seem cliché, the HBO Max miniseries “Mare of Easttown,” released on April 18, manages to captivate its audience with new twists and refreshing performances. Director Craig Zobel’s direction in “Mare of Easttown” is different from...

One Good Thing: Mare of Easttown is my new favorite murder story

That’s one of the questions I occasionally get asked these days. It’s my fault. I mumble sometimes, which means I really need to enunciate when raving about Kate Winslet in the seven-episode HBO miniseries Mare of Easttown — one of my favorite new TV shows — so as not to give the wrong impression.