#NJMOM Adventures Of The Week

Fall is (almost) officially here, and we’re easing into the transition—from sweet ice cream breaks to playground tunnels to pony rides, we’re having lots of #NJMOM adventures this second week of September. Thanks for sharing your week with us!. Featured Image Photo Credit:thebusymomlife. We want to hear from you! For...
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Wilai Unleashes New Single With Visuals “International Mami” Featuring Twopee

Wilai is a bilingual artist from Thailand who raps and sings. She moved to the U.S. in pursuit of a prosperous music career. With goals to become a prominent international artist and humanitarian, Wilai has been diligently working to bring cutting edge and diverse music to her fans. She also has a background in pageantry and was a fnalist in, “Miss Universe Thailand”.
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My Mami and Abuela Have Been Teaching Me to Accessorize the Latinx Way For the Last 30 Years

When people ask me about mi familia, many emotions pop up, but the images that come to mind are always full of colors and jewelry from Colombia. We were very cultural regarding food, music, and attire. I started looking enviously at my mami and abuela's shiny, beautiful gold jewelry at a very young age. Right after taking a shower, their earrings were on, and the rings for the day were chosen.
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Wilai Ft. Twopee – “International Mami”

Wilai is a multi-talented, bilingual song writing songstress and rhymer who has recently released her new single titled, “International Mami” featuring Twopee. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, Wilai relocated to the United States to pursue her musical career. Since, her talents have enabled her to live the life she’s always dreamt about. Now, her new trendy track is the peephole into the life of an emerging international artist and humanitarian.

Krushna Abhishek wants to end fight with Govinda-Sunita Ahuja: ‘Mama-mami, I pray this is solved’

After Krushna Abhishek decided to skip the shoot of The Kapil Sharma Show featuring uncle Govinda, things have again escalated between the two families. Govinda's wife Sunita Ahuja has lashed out at Krushna stating that she doesn't want to even see his face. She has vowed that the issue between the two families will never be resolved. However, the comedian has now taken a step to put an end to the family feud.

Krushna Abhishek calls for peace with Govinda this Ganesh Chaturthi after Mami’s remark “never wants to see his face”

After Govinda’s wife Sunita Ahuja said their feud with Krushna Abhishek would never be resolved and that she would never see his face again, the comedian has now said he wants to reconcile with his “mum-mami” . Krushna wants to mark Ganesh Chathurthi’s auspicious occasion by ending his turbulent relationship...

The Old Globe Presents “The Gardens of Anuncia”

Five-Time Tony Award Nominee, Michael John LaChiusa, is author, and provided the music and lyrics for “The Gardens of Anuncia,” which is inspired by the life story of American stage icon, Graciela Daniele, who directs and co-choreographs the production, with assistance from Alex Sanchez. Performances run from Friday, September 10 through Sunday, October 17 at the Donald and Darlene Shiley Stage in the Old Globe Theatre, part of the Conrad Prebys Theatre Center.

Mi Mami Tells Me to Get Out of the Sun

Mi mami tells me to get out of the sun. Mi mami tells me to put on sunblock. Mi mami tells me to not go to the beach so much. But she is not protecting me from skin cancer; that is not really on our immigrant radar nor our primary worry, unfortunately. She is not telling me to stay out of the sun out of a deep concern for my health. Mi mami does not want me to be too brown.

Popping Popping - ONF | | NTpaG090kXHx

Lời bài hát Popping Popping - ONF | | NTpaG090kXHx Lyrics up by [Refrain]. Nae mami mami boyeosseumyeon hae (Ooh, yeah, yeah) Neowa nae mamsogui bulkkot pang pang teojineun nori. Nanananananana. Yeoreume ssok ppajin neo. [Verse 2]. Geotjabeul su eopsi olla a gion yaegiga aniya. Neol saenggakal ttae...

Mami's Restaurant, a tribute to a mother and a homeland

LACONIA — The city’s newest eatery started out as a tribute to its owner’s native cuisine, but by the time it opened, it had become dedicated to an even larger part of Pedro Sosa’s heart. Mami’s Restaurant opened last week at 585 Union Ave. It’s the second business Sosa opened...

My Encounter With Mami Water- Victor Uwaifo (Video)

Late Veteran Nigerian music guru, Sir Victor Uwaifo had narrated an encounter he had with a mermaid he met at a Lagos beach in 1966. According to the late singer, he met the mermaid in 1966 and he used the experience to form the lyrics of his popular hit song – Guitar Boy.