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Feeling good is more important than you think. Here are 3 steps to protect your vibe

If you’ve never heard of this specific term before, “vibe” is an interesting word that is used to describe the physical, mental or emotional feeling that collectively encompasses our energy. For example, if you’re feeling good about yourself, then your vibe is on point. My own vibe has been shaped...

Abraskadabra release “Set Us Free”

Brazilian ska punks Abraskadabra have released a new song. The song is called "Set Us Free" and is off their upcoming album Make Yourself At Home due out September 24 via Bad Time Records. Abraskadabra released Welcome in 2018. Check out the song below.

52 awesome things to try each week of the year

There are 52 weeks of the year. Fifty-two weeks in which you can do anything and everything your heart desires. Yet, looking back, for most of us, the weeks repeat themselves. On Monday, you wake up, go to work, and complain to your coworkers that you wished the weekend had just one more day. Then, you spend the days between Tuesday and Thursday wishing it was Friday. When Friday finally comes, you can’t wait for your work shift to be over. You go home, having awesome plans for the weekend, but you end up doing little to nothing. You think to yourself that Saturday and Sunday felt like two minutes rather than two days. And then it’s Monday again, and the story repeats.

How to be more approachable?

Never ever in my entire life has a guy approached me (ok, there were two exceptions: a tourist, who just wanted some fun and a man in his sixties). I am wondering what is wrong with me? I'd say that I'm an average looking girl with an average expectations. The truth is that I'm not a party type of person, but I guess there are plenty of guys who prefer reading or training to partying. I wish I could be more approachable. What should I do?

‘Amazing Grace’ performance at Cpl. Funeral of the site

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Lake Walk: Chamber Music Series

One thing we’ve all learned during the pandemic is how to develop new ways of adapting and gathering together. That’s certainly the case with the Chamber Music Series, as Lake Walk again hosts the Brazos Valley Symphony Orchestra (BVSO) for the third and final concert of the series on Sept. 19.

Can Performative Activism Actually Make a Difference?

Performative activism is usually defined as activism done to make yourself look good rather than because you're committed to a cause. But is performative activism always bad? True, it turns the spotlight on yourself, not the issue. On the other hand, jumping on a hashtag bandwagon could help raise awareness and lead to activism IRL.

Under stairs ideas – 10 tips for making the most of this overlooked nook

For the space savvy, under stairs ideas are just what you need to ensure one of the most cumbersome parts of the house goes from fiddly nook to unexpected feature. It may take a bit of head-scratching, but rethinking your hallway ideas to ensure this lopsided space meets its full potential can come with numerous rewards, from valuable storage to a fully functioning powder room.