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Go Small to Make it Big!

This shocked me. Why didn’t my customer of 10 years know we do lots of interior tenant improvement construction? In fact, in most of the projects we had built for him, there were interior office improvements included with our shell construction. It turns out he thought we specialized in building larger, ground-up projects only and didn’t want to be bothered with any small jobs. He was looking for a tenant improvement specialty contractor to finish out the interiors of his multi-tenant and office projects. It upset me that a good customer wouldn’t trust us to do this kind of work too. After all, we’re in the construction business! We can build any kind of project, large or small. It’s just framing, drywall, plugs, lights, paint and carpet!
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How Bitcoin Services is Bringing New Investments to Crypto

New blood in the sector means more money for all of us. Bitcoin mining and hosting services aren’t your ordinary way to make it big buying and selling cryptocurrency… There are several ways in which they are different. The modern firm will try to make sure to take their energy from sustainable sources, for one thing, and don’t fluctuate in rates if they can help it.
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Prepare For Essential IT Certifications With These $18 Study Courses

One of the best things about exploring a career in IT is that there’s almost no barrier to entry. You don’t need a degree to land a lucrative job, but you do need to prove your worth by way of earning some certifications. In the industry, it’s all about the skills, but you need something to show for it. Certification helps validate the skills you claim to have and serves as tangible proof that you have mastered the knowledge and skill requirement the job you want needs from you.

How India’s Small Town Girls Are Helping The Country Realise Its Olympic Dream

India Olympic Medals: A 23-year-old girl from Assam’s Golaghat assured India its second medal at the ongoing 2020 Tokyo Olympics today. Lovlina Borgohain, who is contesting at the 69kg boxing event, has assured India a medal almost after a week of dry spell at the Games. The only other athlete to have finished on the podium so far is Mirabai Chanu, who clenched a Silver for us in weightlifting.

BigCommerce Unveils “Make it Big” Program Expansion Alongside Annual 2021 Conference

BigCommerce a leading Open SaaS eCommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, today announced its fourth annual Make it Big conference, a free two-day virtual event for eCommerce professionals, retailers, and entrepreneurs looking to build, innovate and grow their businesses. The conference, which will be held Tuesday, Sept. 14 through Wednesday, Sept. 15, will provide attendees with first-hand proven success strategies and actionable advice for agile and innovative business growth to optimize the customer experience.

BigCommerce Unveils “Make it Big” Program Expansion Alongside Annual 2021 Conference

In addition to a free, two-day virtual conference featuring high-profile ecommerce thought leaders like Mark Cuban, BigCommerce introduces new podcast series and revamped customer awards program. BigCommerce, a leading Open SaaS ecommerce platform for fast-growing and established brands, announced its fourth annual Make it Big conference, a free two-day virtual...

Omeretta Calls Out Person Who Says She'd Look Better With A Bigger Behind

She's a rising artist hoping to solidify her mark in the Rap game, but Omeretta faces criticisms that many women in the industry are confronted with. Several ladies in Rap have previously spoken out about being told that they need to have BBLs or cosmetic surgery in order to make it big while also facing off with the public. Recently, Omeretta shared a few selfies and after an Instagram user reposted her photos with a note about her body, she issued a response.

Zohaeb Farooqui Is Nephew Of Iconic Film Maker Subhash Ghai

In his latest interview, the newbie actor on the block who is looking like a talent to watch out for, Zohaeb Farooqui is nephew of iconic film maker Subhash Ghai. In his recent candid chat, the fresh new discovery and an actor in the making, Zohaeb Farooqui is nephew of iconic film maker Subhash Ghai.

Indian sports shooters and archers fails to make it big in Tokyo 2020

It was another disappointing show by the Indian contingent and suddenly the medal on the first day is looking a flash in a pan moment. Shooting and Archery were supposed to be a medal event but we did not have the mental toughness to overcome adversity. The margin of error...

10 Points to Make it Big in the Data Industry

People want to make careers here. But they are often deafened by the noise that surrounds them. Suppose you are someone who just got awed by the flashy terms of artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science and have decided to either get a degree in one of these fields or pivot your career and enter into the data industry. You get in on the hype, jump on the bandwagon, enroll in Andrew Ng’s courses on Coursera, some more courses on Udacity, buy some detailed books and scour through them, start Kaggling, implement some projects and publish research papers. You start feeling good for what you have accomplished. But when you go and apply for a job or an internship, you don’t get it and you wonder why.
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Highest-rated football recruits from Oregon over the last 20 years

Highest-rated football recruits from Oregon over the last 20 years. Football recruiting provides reliable drama, with recruitments and announcements becoming events in their own right. We love to see players from our own states make it big, and watch with pride as they go on to successful careers, knowing their origins shaped them into professional players. Stacker compiled a list of the highest-rated football recruits from Oregon since 2000 using 247Sports. Players are ranked by national ranking with ties broken by rating. Keep reading to discover the highest-rated football recruits from your home state.

What happens to all the transplants that fail to make it big in entertainment?

Do they move back to the "Midwest"? Accept being a service class regular joe in hospitality, transportation or personal services ? Pivot to a middle class career (finance, tech, trades etc) Try desperately into middle-age to make fetch happen? Devolve into crime/porn/scamming/sugardaddying/Onlyfans? Edit: Homelessness/Poverty or support roles in the broader entertainment industry submitted by /u/tshirtguy2000 [link] [comments]
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Shortbread cookies make it big

Farm-to-bakery goodness is just a click, call, or visit away with the Carlsbad Cookie Company. After an 18-year career in the wine and spirits industry, owner Hollie Chamberlain, a true pastry chef at heart, came to the realization that devoting herself full-time to her passion of baking would take her on the most rewarding journey of all.


Instagram has been a constantly changing platform, not just in cosmetic changes, but changing in its use cases as well. It started in 2010 as a platform where you can share photos, which was a huge deal back then, and let people know more about yourself and your lifestyle. However, over the years, Instagram has become more of a tool for online marketers and social media influencers, instead of just being a place to connect. How people essentially make money off Instagram is that they create huge audiences and then they capitalize on these audiences by selling them products, of either their brand or some brand in exchange for some money. This is what makes Instagram a tool for social media marketers.
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Lufkin Reign 7on7 players receive DFL championship rings

LUFKIN, Texas (KTRE) - The Lufkin Reign 7on7 football team recently won their first ever championship in the Developmental Football League. The team is made up of high school age students from around Lufkin but operates indecently of the high school athletic program. The team received their rings for the...