The MAGA Riot in Washington Was the Natural Culmination of Donald Trump’s Influence — And, Just Maybe, Its Swan Song

As corrosive and unsettling as the images of lawlessness from the U.S. Capitol have been today, there’s a twist of fate at their core so brutally ironic it can make your head spin. When the MAGA protesters, turning off their incendiary right-wing TV and Internet channels and getting off their couches, set out for Washington to foment what Joe Strummer 44 years ago called a “white riot,” they probably didn’t expect to be competing with the headline “Democrats Retake the U.S. Senate.” Because, of course, few observers were expecting the game-changing referendum we got from the two Senate races in Georgia.
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MAGA Caravans Are Making Their Way To Protest in DC

On Tuesday and Wednesday supporters of President Trump will hold yet another iteration of the Million MAGA March in downtown DC to protest Congress certifying Joe Biden’s victory in the November election. And it looks like the crowd at these demonstrations will be as geographically wide-reaching as the previous ones. Supporters are making their way to DC by bus, car, and plane—and their adherence to mask mandates can be a bit loose. Here’s some of what we’ve seen on social media.
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Rioters place MAGA hat, Trump flag on President Ford’s statue

GRAND RAPIDS, MI — President Gerald R. Ford, whose statue at the U.S. Capitol was desecrated Wednesday when supporters of President Donald Trump stormed the building, would be “heartbroken” by the violence that unfolded, said a local historian. “He loved Capitol Hill. He thought that the founder’s arrangements, set up...
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Maga mob's Capitol invasion makes Trump's assault on democracy literal

The US Capitol, the seat of American democracy, has been stormed by a pro-Donald Trump mob, egged on by the president in a desperate and violent effort to overturn the results of the election. Minutes after the news spread that the vice-president had announced he would not do the president’s...

Team MAGA helped put Ga. Senate seats in jeopardy for GOP

President Donald Trump, through his actions and inaction, has seen his approval rating plummet since the election, which dragged down the candidacies of Sens. David Perdue and Kelly Loeffler in Tuesday’s runoff elections in Georgia. Democrats were on the cusp of taking control of the U.S. Senate as they celebrated...