Shreveport Man Pulls Gun on Pregnant Girlfriend [GRAPHIC]

A Shreveport man is behind bars today after pulling a gun on his pregnant girlfriend after finding out she was unfaithful. Chester Brown, 33, was arrested this weekend for aggravated assault and domestic abuse. After finding out his pregnant girlfriend had been unfaithful, Brown became unconsolably enraged. During his rage, Brown grabbed two things, both leading him directly to a prison cell. In one hand, Brown grabbed a handgun, and grabbed a phone with the other.
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Loki Fan Creates Ultimate Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness Teaser Poster

The events of Loki ripped open the multiverse, an event likely to change the Marvel Cinematic Universe for the foreseeable future. At the very least, the series will lead directly into Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, where Tom Hiddleston's Asgardian trickster is reportedly set to appear. Since Marvel Studios has been radio silent regarding the film — so much so, Benedict Cumberbatch was forced to hide his look during a Zoom interview — fans are taking it upon themselves to make whatever Strange-related content they can.

Ricardo Rodriguez Reveals Why WWE Paired Him With Rob Van Dam

Over the years fans have seen many strange pairings on WWE programming, and back in 2013 WWE paired Ricardo Rodriguez with none other than Rob Van Dam. The duo was unique to say the least, but it turns out that there was a method to WWE’s madness when it came to putting them together.
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Taylor feels prepared for leadership role at Tennessee

Adversity is nothing new for University of Tennessee players of the past dozen-plus years, so Alontae Taylor had been through tough times. Taylor initially committed to the Vols when Butch Jones was their head coach, and he de-committed when Jones was fired. Then Jeremy Pruitt took the job and convinced Taylor to re-commit to his home state’s flagship university. Then Pruitt’s teams showed promise before things fell apart in COVID-riddled 2020. A 3-7 record in a makeshift, SEC-only schedule and an in-house investigation alleging major NCAA violations combined to force Pruitt out the door. Then a borderline disturbing number of Taylor’s Tennessee teammates — including many of the team’s best players — left via the NCAA Transfer Portal, complicating a coaching search that ultimately ended with UCF’s Josh Heupel taking the job.

Sen. Dodd: Refill Madness is Sonoma County Small Business of the Year

With the goal of reducing plastic waste, Jana Wang, co-owner of Refill Madness Sonoma, opened her shop during the pandemic, giving customers a safe place to fill their own containers with household goods such as soaps and lotions. For her effort to keep tons of plastic from local landfills, her store has been named Sonoma County Small Business of the Year for 2021 by Sen. Bill Dodd.