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Madden 22 cover athletes Patrick Mahomes, Tom Brady can't win at Madden at home

Patrick Mahomes spent hours in the game room in the back of the house he grew up in, trying over and over to figure out how to do the thing he couldn't: beat his dad. This wasn't in a real-life competition, but rather a virtual one. Mahomes and his father, Pat, would play EA Sports' Madden video game franchise often, and as much as he tried, the future Kansas City Chiefs quarterback and Madden 20 and 22 cover athlete couldn't win.
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Madden 22 ratings: Predicting the 11 best players in this year’s game

Madden 22 ratings will remain as hotly debated as they are secretive until this year’s Gridiron sim lands on 20 August. However, a combination of endgame ratings for Madden 21 and play-off form going into Madden 22 give some telltale signs as to who the best players on offer will be. (Not to mention the Madden 22 cover athlete.) Who’ll make this year’s ‘99 Club’? Where does Davante Adams fit in? Can anyone top Patrick Mahomes? Well, no. But there are a few elite players that come close, and we profile them all in your Madden 22 ratings guide.
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Madden 22 beta: How to get into the Community Playtest

Madden 22 was officially revealed today and with it came details on the Community Playtest, which is basically a Closed Beta for this year’s game. The Madden 22 Community Playtest provides the community — well, those invited — with a chance to go hands-on with the game and provide valuable feedback for EA ahead of launch.
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Madden 22 Cover Athlete: Two “goats” expected to graze the cover in 2022?

The Madden cover athlete announcement is a yearly event many NFL fans and gamers anticipate — who will don the cover of Madden 22?. On June 14, EA Sports’ Madden Twitter account released a teaser video for their 2022 cover athletes featuring two goats. The Madden 22 cover athletes will be officially announced on June 17. As NFL fans and gamers anticipate the release, who are possible player combinations, and is the “Madden Curse” something they need to worry about?
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New features could look to jump start Madden 22

This year's game must bring something new to the table. Madden 22 looks to take the long running series into a new year with another installment, and that should mean new features are on the way. With a potential release date just a few months away, let's take a look...
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Madden 22: Which Edition to Buy?

The Madden 22 release date is confirmed and pre-orders have begun. You’ll want to buy the correct Madden 22 edition for your interest level and budget and this guide will help you do just that. EA’s announced the next installment in the long-running Madden series and Madden 22 is headed...
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Madden 22 preview: EA goes big on franchise mode at last

Since the mid-2010s rise of Madden Ultimate Team (MUT), Franchise mode devotees have seen their favorite time sink become an afterthought – with EA moving to maximize its bottom line with in-game transactions, the lifeblood of MUT. The approach has made the company billions, but at the unquantifiable expense of losing biggest fans' undying support as Madden 22 approaches. Franchise needed to be revitalized, and so after last year's game launched with minimal improvements, the team at Tiburon sought to course-correct with three major post-launch updates.

Face of the Franchise returns with United We Rise

Madden 22 has finally been made official, and that includes the return of Face of the Franchise with "United We Rise." Here's everything we know about what's coming to Face of the Franchise in Madden 22. Madden 22 reveals Release Date. Before we get to the details about Face of...

Madden 22 expectations are sky high for Franchise Mode

The game mode will need some major upgrades this year. Madden 22 is nearing a release date in the coming months, and anticipation is higher than ever to see how EA Sports addresses Franchise Mode this year. With the first teaser in the books and reveal season finally underway, expectations...
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Peter Schrager's bid for Dolphins 'Madden 22' cover falls short

The latest cover athletes for EA Sports’ Madden 22 are a pair of familiar faces for any football fan. Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes will grace the cover of this year’s game — two “GOATs” (greatest of all-time) at the quarterback position. But before this week’s reveal of Brady and Mahomes, the gaming company teased the cover with an image of two literal goats, kicking off plenty of speculation as to who would actually be gracing the cover. And while Brady and Mahomes are a fine choice, we personally would have loved to see Peter Schrager’s suggestion come to be reality instead.
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Here's whether there will be a Madden 22 Demo

With Madden 21 winding down for the year, fans are starting to look towards the next game in the series - Madden 22!. So, check out whether there will be a Madden 22 Demo below. Will there be a Madden 22 Demo?. Modern Madden games typically do not feature a...

How do you get a code for the Madden 22 beta?

Check out the only way you can get your hands on a code. So, we're taking a look at how you can get a code for the Madden 22 Beta. Your only chance to get a Madden 22 beta code for the Community Playtest is by following the game’s official Twitter account.