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Want to Lower Your Body Fat Percentage? Lift Weights

Cardio workouts burn fewer calories than once thought; aerobic exercise isn't necessarily the best way to burn fat or lose weight. Resistance training and strength-building exercises boost metabolism, burn fat, and optimize body composition. A recent review and meta-analysis found that strength training alone (without cardio) can lower body fat...
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20 Most Important Single Kettlebell Exercises

You only have one kettlebell and want to get fit? Then take a look at the 20 most important single kettlebell exercises you need to master. Kettlebell enthusiasts will argue that movements such as the Turkish get-up should be included within this list. However, I want to stress that when compiling this article I was looking to select 20 of the most easily performed movements that bring the best response from the body.
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Create Explosive Lower-Body Power with The Med Ball Rotational Throw

Outside of the barbell, med balls are one of the best tools to improve power. And one of the most popular med ball exercises to improve power is the med ball rotational throw. Rotational power is key for sports like baseball, golf, and tennis as you must hit or throw a ball powerfully. Plus, strength, power, and fitness athletes can use the med ball rotational throw to improve performance, power and to look great with their shirt off. Here we’ll go into what it is, how to do it, what muscles it trains and how to best program them into your training.
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5 Best Lower Body Unilateral Exercises to Build Muscle and Strength

Lower Body Unilateral Exercises will imrpove your mobility, strength and uncover and fix major imbalances in your body and movement. One of the best ways to overcome a plateau in traditional bilateral movements like the squat, strict press, or bench press is to incorporate more unilateral training. When you use both arms or legs, it is easy for your body to naturally compensate for your weaker side. But by training each side individually, you can not only get more from your lifts, but gain a higher quality of movement by evening out imbalances and reduce your risk of injury.

Why Should You Do Stiff-Legged Deadlift; Benefits and Muscles Worked

Deadlifts are crucial exercises athletes of all levels should be doing, but have you ever tried a slight variation called the stiff-legged deadlift? You should!. The stiff-legged deadlift is very similar to the conventional deadlift, although a minor tweak in the technique also shifts the focus of the exercise from one muscle group to a different one.

Sean O’Pry Workout

Being a male model is not as easy as it sounds. Sure, they are born with god-gifted good looks, but they also have to work their hardest in order to keep their body in shape. Sean O’Pry is one of the most famous male models in the world who has a near-perfect body that he carved through meticulous diet, regular hours at the gym, and investment in the right fitness equipment.
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Firefly Pose: The Complete Guide

Become a member to unlock this story and receive other great perks. *Outside memberships are billed annually. All yoga postures teach patience, but Tittibhasana (Firefly Pose) can seem like an overachiever in empowering you with that lesson. Firefly brings an intense demand of your buttocks (glutes), backs of thighs (hamstrings), and palm sides of your wrists (wrist flexors).

Best Bodyweight Workouts For Beginners (The Complete Guide)

Think you can’t get a great workout or build muscle with your body weight? think again. Getting fit doesn’t have to be complicated. Keep it simple, safe, and effective with bodyweight workouts you can do anytime and anywhere for the rest of your life. Regardless of whether you are an...

How to Find the Right Jeans for Your Body Type

Let’s face it: the current state of women’s clothing makes shopping for clothes that have the right combination of fit, flatter, and comfort a chore. This goes double for staple items that feel like they should be simple but often have an obnoxious variety of cuts and styles. Jeans for women can be particularly tricky to shop for, since different styles can look and fit drastically differently on different body types. If you’re shopping for new jeans and don’t know where to begin, here’s your quick, painless guide to the style of jeans that will flatter your body and allow you to go about your life feeling stylish and comfortable.

Jin Se-Yeon Diet Plan and Workout Routine

Jin Se-Yeon Diet Plan and Workout Routine: Jin Se-Yeon is an actress known for movies and TV shows like Queen: Love and War, Flowers of The Prison, Item, Born Again, Enemies In-Law, etc. Jin Se-Yeon also gets recognized for her beautiful body physique and looks. So if you also want...

How to Get Toned Arms With These Simple Tips

How Certain Body Features Can Make a Person Feel Flawed. There are a lot of things that are considered unattractive according to the beauty standards imposed by modern society. Protruded belly, thigh cellulite, and sagging breasts are a few of the proclaimed “flaws”. Saggy skin and fat on your upper arms, which often occur as the result of being overweight or losing a significant amount of weight, also known as bat wings, is another source of insecurity for a lot of people.

8 Balance Exercise Examples for Better Stability as You Age

Proper stability is key to every fitness journey, regardless of age or athletic goals. Like eating right for heart health and improving flexibility, maintaining balance throughout your life should be a top priority for your overall health. Boosting your balance is easy with the right training. In fact, there are...
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Here's why most beginning golfers lack power—and here's how to fix it

When you hear that your swing is “all arms,” you might be confused. How else would you swing? Most of the time, it means that your arms are doing all the work and you need to get your body more involved. To learn how to incorporate proper body rotation into your swing and increase your power, try this quick drill from Erika Larkin, the No. 1 ranked teacher in Virginia and the newest member of Golf Digest’s teaching staff.

A few easy tips to help you run downhill

Running downhill isn’t as easy as it looks and the force of gravity makes it a lot tougher on our bodies than running uphill. Form and technique become very important when descending a hill and if you don’t know how to properly run downhill, it can cost you time. Here are a few tips that you can practice on your easy runs to maximize your performance on the downhills.