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Announcing ‘Shelter Me’: A Good Men Project Publication on Medium that Offers a Refuge for Mind, Body, and Spirit

“Shelter Me”, a publication on Medium about the health of body, mind, and spirit. It is a refuge for the stress of today’s world. The publication will cover mental health, including anxiety and depression, the stigma, and how we deal with it all. We’ll address physical health and the challenges we face in our desire to stay healthy in this day in age.
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How Love Matures as you Grow

“Love at Last Station” reflects how love changes from a naïve, idealistic passion in our youth to a more mature, permanent quality in a later life stages. This poem encapsulates the pregnant reality of the world: listening to what a girl wants in a relationship is probably more important rather than making bold promises around an uncertain future.
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How Love Changes You

The concept of love is fascinating to me. Generally, when people think about love, they associate it with another human being. However, believing that love can be applied to virtually everything takes that mindset to a whole new level. When I think of how being in the deepest interpersonal affection possible influence my feelings, I could not help but smile like an idiot. The joyful expression on my face reflects a whole set of emotions that munches on you when you first discover love.
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Why Fantasy Stories Destroyed My Idea of Love

When I was a kid, I religiously wrote and read fantasy novels. I didn’t just read and write them — I lived these stories. I was obsessed with realities that weren’t my own, and I’d go so far as to envision these characters wandering the halls of my middle school, out in my front yard, fighting battles, or in my room at night, watching over me.

Arrow-scopes Nov. 10 - 16

Retrograde is a scary word, but it’s not all bad! Check out this week’s horoscopes!. On Nov. 5, Venus transitioned into Capricorn, where it will hang out direct until Jan. 28, 2022. Usually, Venus will only spend around 30 days in a sign, but on Jan. 29, 2022, the planet of love changes direction and will be retrograde until March 6, 2022. The big theme here? Commitment. In personal and professional relationships, keep manifesting those long-term situations.

Kristen Stewart says she and Dylan Meyer are having a small wedding at home

Kristen Stewart is making sure 2021 is her year. Between starring as Princess Diana in one of the most talked-about Oscar-buzzworthy films of the year (which is quite warranted in our opinion) and a newly-announced engagement to screenwriter girlfriend Dylan Meyer, there’s nothing that can hold KStew back, it seems.

love changes everything, TOMMY CULLEN ft. AMY ELLEN In the Winter

Tommy Cullen ft Amy Ellen – In the Winter available on Bandcamp, Deezer, Apple Music. The comparisons to The Swell Season, The Civil Wars, and, perhaps Damien Rice are sure to come as the recent single “In the Winter” by Irish singer-songwriter Tommy Cullen continues to find more ears and warms more souls. Featuring harmonies with the incomparable Amy Ellen, this is a soft as a first snow love song. Delicate and full of the impassioned romantic innocence of a burgeoning love story.

Firefly Lane Quotes for Every Woman

These Firefly Lane quotes will help you relive your favorite moments of the series. Firefly Lane is an American television show that aired in 2021. The series is based on the book of the same name written by author Kristin Hannah. The story follows the friendship of two women who...