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Redeeming Love Release Date, Cast, And Plot - What We Know So Far

Some projects made during COVID-19 just did not have it easy. In the case of the historical romance "Redeeming Love," filming finished long ago, but once the pandemic started, the plans for release were put on hold. Luckily for the cast, crew, and everyone excited to see this film, it is finally well on its way to the theaters.
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Fall In Love Again

It's been a stressful week and I am not mincing words. If someone told me I would starve my blog for such a long time, I wouldn't have believed or would have rebuked the thought but here I am starving my blog for days now but all I can say is that It is well.

the615 – 9/13/21

JD Simo – Know It All. Jeremy Ivey – All Kinds of Blue (ft. Margo Price) Wild Love – I Hate That I Need You (Local Artist of the Week) The Arcadian Wild – Everybody Wants To Rule The World. Alanna Royale – Fall in Love Again. The Criticals –...

Let's Love Again : E59

Let's Love Again claims to be a candid talk show for adults. The show discusses married couples' realist lives, who once passionately loved each other but now don't have the intense feeling anymore. Five celebrities, who are different in age, job, marriage experience, and life value, will introduce the stories and have a blunt talk about them. There are no boundaries and limits, but only the shockingly dramatic stories that go beyond your wild imagination.

Kacey Musgraves moves on from lost love with new album Star-Crossed

Nashville, Tennessee – Kacey Musgraves has taken off her Golden Hour, rose-colored glasses with her fifth studio album, Star-Crossed. Conceptualizing the look and feel of a new album can be difficult, especially when that album follows a Grammy-winning one, and a divorce. But Kacey Musgraves has proven yet again that...
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Midnight at 7 – Never Be in Love Again

Midnight at 7 “Never Be in Love Again” is that fresh music that will keep you coming back for more every time. The feeling that music gives is what will keep you listening, with so much soul to it that it can pick you up when you’re feeling down to make it something you will be running to for time to come.

Falling In Love Again.

I was in love when I had my first interaction and have had happy feelings since then. That feeling was intoxicating. Waiting to meet once a year. Feeling nostalgic about the good times we spent together. I always wondered about this beautiful creation. Sharing space and staring at my love gave me immense joy.

Finding the Love in “Love Again”

A story of healing, forgiveness and responsibility for one’s own life, “Love Again” transcends the typical melodrama associated with films of its kind. While it does have its roots in the major tenets of the Christian faith, it does not strictly rely on Southern-style theatrics to get its point across. Independently filmed in sunny Pensacola, Florida, the film finds its star in Jason Burkey, who, in my opinion, exemplifies the stubbornness to “let go” that resides within all of us.

Jowie Irungu gets a new girlfriend after nasty breakup with Micabel Ella

Vocalist Jowie Irungu seems to be open to love again after letting fans know what is going on in his life. The crime suspect with media personality Jacque Maribe has been maintaining things on the low ever after parting ways with lover Eleanor Musangi, aka Micabel Ella , in December 2020.

Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain's Venice promo makes us believe in love again

In case you haven’t noticed, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Chastain have hit the promo trail for their forthcoming limited series Scenes From A Marriage, which debuted this weekend at the Venice Film Festival. Said promo included them basically parading around Venice looking breathtakingly gorgeous and doe-eyed, which clearly has resonated...