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NBA YoungBoy is out on bail

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Love After Lockup: Is Domenick Nati Dating Rachel?

From Love After Lockup, we have seen a lot of Rachel lately. She is now taking care of her ex-boyfriend’s son, Dougie Jr. and it looks like she has legally adopted him now that Doug is in prison, yet again. Doug and Rachel fell quick and hard for one another, but she was warned by his friends and family that he would cheat on her, and he did.

Love After Lockup: Rachel Gives Dougie Update

Rachel from Love After Lockup is ready to talk more about her ex-husband, Doug and his most recent arrest. She instantly fell in love with his son and it looks like she has legally adopted him with his father behind bars, yet again. Rachel would have done anything for Doug and when the couple got together, it was love.

‘Love After Lockup’: Rachel Dating Domenick Nati?

Former Love After Lockup star Rachel is truly selfless. Though things soured with her and her felon husband, Doug, she still came out on top. She had been raising his tween son, Dougie Jr. and viewers wondered what would happen after they split. The bond the two had formed was so strong. Fortunately, she was able to maintain custody of him and he continues to flourish. Yet, what about doing positive things for herself? Has Rachel finally moved on? Possibly.