Sea of Thieves Season Five: Official Content Update Video

Grab a grog and don your best party finery – Sea of Thieves Season Five’s boatload of Voyage-enhancing features arrives December 2nd! Bury loot for safety or share your treasure maps with curious crews, employ fresh strategies and schemes with the Cannon Rowboat or simply celebrate another year of free content updates by pulling up a pew to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ at a flashy fireworks display. No matter what style of scoundrel you play, there’s sure to be something for you to enjoy!
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TOTAL CHAOS: Flash Loot-Mob Devastates Multiple Best Buy Stores

(The Post Millennial) – At around 8pm on Friday (Black Friday), dozens of people invaded Best Buy stores in two Minneapolis-area suburbs in massive “smash-and-grab” operations, running in, grabbing merchandise off the shelves, and running back out. The incidents occurred in Burnsville, 15 miles south of Minneapolis, and in Maplewood,...

Where are the High Tier Loot Zones in COD Mobile?

There are various reasons why you should seek out the high tier loot zones in Call of Duty Mobile and one of the most common reasosns most players seek out these zones is to complete the Target Locked task that says says “Land in High Tier Loot Zones 5 Times”, after which you will get the cool rewards that follow.

The Stream Team: Time for Trove’s Turkeytopia!

The turkeys are loose in Trove again! Turkeytopia has returned, and along with this main dish is a heaping serving of Friendsgiving. Massively OP’s MJ is ready to immerse herself in all the trappings of the holiday events and stuff her bags with new loot. Pull up a chair (even bring a plate of leftovers!) and join us live at 8:00 p.m. for a Thanksgiving evening together in…

Looters Loot Other Looters

Like crabs trying to get out of a bucket. No respect amongst thugs. It’s a good thing they were wearing masks because they got closer than six feet apart. I know this mall well. I believe it’s in Rich Scotts back yard. Middle to upper income whiteys. Use to be anyway. There’s a couple malls in the Sac area that are now in no go zones. For quite a while nothing but kill and rob whitey. That never seems to make the 5:00.

Free Fire Redeem Code Today 27 November 2021: Unlock Carnival Carnage Weapon Loot Crate

Free Fire Redeem Code Today 27 November 2021: Players can use these codes to access in-game content items without spending any money. Players who are looking for the latest redeem codes. You are at the right place. We keep refreshing new codes daily to let the players avail in-game items. These codes help players to earn legendary outfits, gun skins, free fire diamonds, pets, emotes, Elite Pass, top-ups, and loot crates. These codes are applicable for Android and iOS platforms. Players can redeem their codes in official website.

Cow Drop OP Loot Data Pack 1.17.1 (OP Cow)

Cow Drop OP Loot Data Pack 1.17.1 makes acquiring resources an easy task. Usually, cows are a common passive mob in Minecraft that is pretty useful early for their drop. They drop meat for food and leather that can be crafted into armors. This data pack changes that and makes cows even more helpful! The loot table for cow is now changed, and it is full of rare drops. For example, when you kill a cow, it can drop you an enchanted golden apple. That’s not all. You can also get various resources, ranging from foods, consumables to enchanted tools and armors. Have fun!

Demand Matiangi for President

Kenya has seen all breeds of pitucal sycophants aiming to loot our country's coffers for their self and family gratification. As concerned citizens, we have seen and attest to CS Fred Matiangi's track record in bringing change and hereby demand for him to vie for the post of Kenya's President in the upcoming General election.

ሰበር የቀጠለው የድል ጉዞ | ለአብይ ዘመቻ አሜሪካ ምላሽ ሰጠች | ኢትዮጵያና ቻይና አስጠንቅቀዋታል | ባንዳው ተያዘ

To Nazret: Glad that you’re back! Know that your services are highly appreciated! Thanks! ********** ////////// **********. Why would Ethiopians let the TPLF [Cold-blooded Barbarian Murderers of the 21st Century] blame its Ethiopian victims for TPLF’s own horrendous 27-year killing-and-looting spree?. Murder is CRIME! TPLF murdered the Ethiopian soldiers stationed...

Loot Quest Codes Roblox (November 2021)

Loot Quest Codes Roblox | Loot Quest is a game developed by Studio Not Found for Roblox. During this game, you’ll be able to equip an arm and fight bandits. You’ll be able to additionally grind and level up with the assistance of the opposite players. However, what makes this game sensible, is its support for codes. Thus, during this guide, allow us to learn all the new and redeemable Loot Quest codes for Roblox.


Must be actively playing with your Lucky 7 Club card to enter. Win total is based on 24 Hot Seat winners getting $500 in Lucky Loot and one grand prize winner getting $2,022 in Lucky Loot!

Free Fire Rate up spin: Win Weapon skins and loot crates!

Free Fire has a variety of events that appear in the game and are rewarding for the players to participate in. Here we discuss about the Free Fire Rate Up spin where the players can select what grand prize they want!. Free Fire cosmetics are very popular among the players...