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Lauren Sanchez Wears Tight Black Mini On Date Night With Jeff Bezos As They Hold Hands: Photos

Lauren Sanchez, 52, looked incredible in an eye-catching black mini dress, in photos taken during a recent outing with Jeff Bezos. The dark-haired beauty also wore a long black coat and heels as she and her 58-year-old billionaire boyfriend visited Giorgio Baldi restaurant in Los Angeles for a special date night. She had her long hair down and showed off red nails as she accessorized with a necklace and earrings.
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Greenville Police Blotter

FIGHT: An officer was assigned as the School Resource Officer at the Greenville City Schools k-8 building. During this time, the officer was called to investigate a physical fight that occurred in the gym on the 5-8 side of the school building. It was determined to be mutual combat. Citations were prepared and later voided due to the school not wishing to pursue charges but school discipline only.
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My tot has Albert Einstein hair – trolls call me irresponsible for not taming it

Cut it out, trolls! An Ohio mom claims she has been called an “irresponsible” parent because her daughter’s unruly tresses have sparked Albert Einstein comparisons. Nevermind the 3-year-old girl has reportedly been diagnosed with uncombable hair syndrome — a rare disorder characterized by dry, frizzy hair that can’t be combed flat. It’s also known as “spun-glass hair syndrome.” “I wish people understood that even if I wash and brush it, it won’t lay flat,” Ali McMillin, 26, told Jam Press. The stay-at-home mom from Dayton, Ohio, noticed Aurora’s hair was growing upwards instead of down when she turned one year old. McMillin said she was...

‘Firefly Lane’: Sarah Chalke On Kate’s Big Season 2A Finale Revelation, Her Rift With Tully, 1980s Hair & Misogyny And Show’s Last Chapter

Netflix’s Firefly Lane, starring Sarah Chalke and Katherine Heigl, has returned with the first nine episodes of its second and final season. They resolved the two big Season 1 cliffhangers, Johnny’s fate after he was struck by an explosion in Iraq (He survived and was cared for by Kate during his difficult physical and mental recovery), and what destroyed Kate (Chalke) and Tully’s (Heigl) unbreakable bond. Season 2A carefully peeled off the lawyers of that mystery over several episodes until it was revealed that Tully’s car, with Marah in it, was hit, sending both to the hospital, after Tully had ignored Kate’s...

Tried & True: Shark FlexStyle Air Drying and Styling System

Here at T&C, we pride ourselves on our discerning eye for quality. With Tried & True, our editors will give you an inside look at the pieces they simply cannot live without. You know the old saying about everyone wanting what they can't have? It really rings true when it comes to hair. People with straighter strands often crave more curl, body, and bounce, while those with wavier tresses frequently dream a 'do that is less voluminous and decidedly tame. I fall in the latter category.

The 13 Best Conditioners for Thin Hair That Won’t Weigh It Down

PureWow editors select every item that appears on this page, and the company may earn compensation through affiliate links within the story. You can learn more about that process here. Looking for a little lift in the hair department? It all starts in the shower. Since we already got you...

It Happened in Crawford County: Wendy Ash's career path followed her mother's footsteps

Wendy Ash is a daughter of Bill and Ruth Williams, and her siblings are Kim Binnix, Steve, and Shan Ehrman. Wendy started school at Carlisle, but they soon moved, and she went to Norton. Wendy said she enjoyed being on the sidelines, including sports and watching her sister who was a cheerleader. The only part she didn’t like was geometry and wonders why she took it since she always planned to do hair. She graduated in 1977 from Bucyrus High School.

The Most Flattering Bangs For Every Face Shape

If you've been wondering whether a risky chop is for you, you're not alone. A study on personal appearance carried out by OnePoll in association with Clairol found that 66% of women surveyed said they craved doing something new with their hair (via New York Post). The coronavirus pandemic certainly brought enough change for most of us, but the perilous fascination with bangs continued into 2022 with "cool-girl bangs" on the horizon of popular hairdos (via Vogue). In fact, the popularity of DIY bangs has increased since 2020, and with all kinds of how-to guides on TikTok, it's been easier than ever to cut your own bangs from home.

TikTok Says '70s Hair Is Back—11 Essential Products That Come in Under $28

This year, the '90s blowout was the most popular hairstyle on Tik Tok. People were obsessed with getting the voluminous, layered look of Cindy Crawford, Denise Richards, and other '90s icons. Now, though, the tides are starting to turn in favor of another hairstyle, and this one is straight out of the '70s. Tik Tokers are obsessed with trying hairstyles that are straight out of the disco era.

Kim Kardashian debuts a new hair color and gives up Balenciaga

The reality star traveled to Miami with Sister Khloé Kardashian for Art Basel while sporting a daring new hairstyle and attire. Kardashian, 42, dyed her platinum blonde hair a darker honey hue so that it almost matched Khloé’s waist-length waves, who is brunette. Kim initially dyed her...
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Hairstyles That Are Actually Good For Your Skin

Perfectly styled hair comes with some major perks. For starters, we're pretty sure there's a scientific connection between a good hair day and an overall great day. However, you probably pay your skin no mind when it comes to the styles you choose. How are your skin and hair related, anyway?

The Ultimate Natural Hair Gift Guide

When it comes to getting a present, it’s the thought that counts, of course. And what is more thoughtful than getting a gift a person will appreciate? We compiled a top-tier list of products and accessories the natural-haired cutie in your life will absolutely love (if you happen to be the natural-haired cutie in your life, even better). Shop our favorite natural hair gifts for every type of natural below!

Finley Jacobsen

Today we are here to discuss one of the actors who has paved his path in the entertainment industry since childhood. He is no other than Finley Jacobsen. Finely is actively working in the movies and has gained popularity and money by working in the movies. Finely is an American...

21+ Flicked Bob Hairstyles

21+ Flicked Bob Hairstyles. She’s also chosen to go for a few subtle layers around the ends which add volume. It broadens the jawline and chin for those face shapes with a slighter chin. One of the greatest perks of a textured bob hairstyle is that you can style...

Get black hair naturally with indigo powder method??

Get Black Hair: Use this one thing to darken hair naturally. Nowadays graying of hair is common. The hair of boys and girls is turning white at an early age. people often use color to darken it. But these chemical colors cause a lot of damage to the hair in the long run. Due to hair color, hair often becomes dry and lifeless. Due to this, there is a problem of falling. If you want to dye your hair black safely, use indigo powder.

High Fade Haircut Man Bun

High Fade Haircut Man Bun – The parted haircut is a cool and popular hairstyle for men. Like other men’s haircuts, the undercut is stylish, easy to style, and works for all hair types and lengths. Before we get to that, what is an undercut? The undercut shaves...