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Is PlayStation Working on Rebooting The Getaway for PS5?

PlayStation London Studio is looking to hire for a number of different roles for an upcoming online game. At this time, the developer has revealed no details about its next project, other than some of the positions that are available: senior game AI programmer, lead online programmer, procedural technical artist, lead character artist, and senior level/mission designer. PlayStation London Studio revealed these positions in a new Tweet, leading to speculation from fans about what the future might hold. London Studio previously planned to make a new take on The Getaway for the PlayStation 3, but that project ended up cancelled. However, some fans believe this project could be a new series entry for PlayStation 5!
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PlayStation Reveals 5 Most-Played PS VR Games — Can You Guess What They Are?

PlayStation VR has reached a very important milestone. Can you guess what it is? If you guessed that it has reached its fifth anniversary milestone, you got that right. The virtual reality (VR) headset is now five years old. PlayStation VR was released in the market on October 13, 2021. As part of the PS VR's fifth anniversary blog post, PlayStation actually revealed the five most-played PS VR games since its release.
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PlayStation London Studio working on PS5 exclusive procedural "online game"

PlayStation's first-party team London Studio is supposedly working on an "online game" with a much larger scope than what we are used to seeing from the developers behind Blood & Truth. SegmentNext spotted several new job listings on London Studio's website after the team publicised it on Twitter (thanks, PlayStation...

'The Getaway' Studio Teases Massive New PlayStation 5 Game

Sony Interactive Entertainment's London Studio has just shared some more details on its next project, and it's sounding like production on the mystery PlayStation 5 game is really starting to ramp up. PlayStation fans will probably remember London Studio best as the developer behind The Getaway, the hit Grand Theft...

PlayStation VR London Studio’s New PS5 Online Game Has “Procedural Worlds”

Following a number of job listings in recent weeks, first-party PlayStation London Studio has officially acknowledged a new “next-generation” project to be in the works exclusively for PlayStation 5. Taking to Twitter a couple of days back, the London-based developer teased an “upcoming PlayStation 5 online game” through its careers...

PlayStation London Studio Working On Online PS5 Game, Now Hiring For Multiple Jobs

SIE London Studio is officially staffing up for its next project, an online PS5 game, and has multiple job openings now available. The British code house is looking for a Lead Character Artist, Lead Online Programmer, Lead Technical Artist, Procedural Technical Artist, Senior AI Programmer, and Senior Level/Mission Designer. London...

PlayStation Studio Firesprite acquires Fabrik Games

Liverpool-based Firesprite might have only just joined the PlayStation Studios family, but it is already making moves to become even bigger. The studio, not Sony, announced it has acquired Fabrik Games, a small team in Manchester. Firesprite is newly acquired by Sony and is allegedly being given the keys to...