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Loki Episode 3 Theories: Could the Time Keepers Actually Be Loki Variants?

Warning: Full spoilers follow for Loki: Episode 3. We're back with the Slack! Welcome to Slackin' Off: Loki Edition, where IGN's editors and writers spitball and speculate about all things God of Mischief. This week, we're sharing our inter-office chatter regarding Episode 3, "Lamentis," which featured Loki and "Sylvie" reluctantly teaming up in order to survive a lunar apocalypse.
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Loki might be a hedonist, but so far 'Loki' remains a bit of a bore

(CNN) — The Marvel/Disney+ strategy of slowly building stories is becoming a bit of a bore with the third episode of "Loki," a protracted escape scenario that gave fans lots of time to luxuriate in the title character -- and his new variant -- while doing precious little to advance the overarching plot.
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Loki: Episode 3 Event Report

In Episode 3 of Marvel Studios’ Loki, “Lamentis,” Loki follows the Variant back to the Time Variance Authority (TVA) following the Class 10 Apocalypse at Roxxcart. In order to evade a pruning by Judge Renslayer and her Minutemen, Loki opens a Time Door. Unfortunately, for him and the variant Sylvie, they’re now trapped on an apocalyptic moon — and time isn’t on their side!
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‘Loki’ Episode 3: Instant Reactions

Van and Charles return to touch on the world of nerd news and talk about the latest Suicide Squad trailer as well as the upcoming chapter in the Transformers franchise (04:49). They then give their instant reactions to the third episode of Loki, titled “Lamentis” (14:07). They also discuss the importance of a major character reveal and how it can positively affect the MCU (40:28).
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Loki: Season 1, Episode 3 Review

This review contains spoilers for Marvel's Loki episode 3, 'Lamentis', now available to view on Disney+. To remind yourself of where we left off, check out our Loki episode 2. After a pair of funny but uneven episodes that served to propel the plot, Loki’s third chapter attempts to hunker down for some emotional reflection. “Lamentis” — a shorter episode than the last two, at a mere 42 minutes with credits — hammers home just how much this series is the rare Marvel entry with any real visual panache. It is, however, often hampered, and ends up in service of a story that jogs in place and concludes rather abruptly. Tom Hiddleston continues to shine as a comedic lead, and while Owen Wilson’s Agent Mobius is sorely missed this week, newcomer Sophia Di Martino is an adequate straight-faced replacement, as a Variant Loki who may or may not be a Loki at all.
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Loki Episode 3 reveals the Marvel show's fatal flaw

Loki isn’t cool. Loki is dramatic. He’s mischievous. He’s clever. He’s a lovable scamp. But he’s no superhero. Superheroes are cool. The coolest thing Loki ever did was catch Hawkeye’s arrow in The Avengers, and that backfired almost immediately. This isn’t to say Loki’s not a great character. He’s great....
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How to watch Loki episode 3: release time, schedule and more

Next episodes: Wednesdays at (3 a.m. ET) Cast: Tom Hiddleston, Owen Wilson, Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Wunmi Mosaku. After meeting "Randy" (probably not their real name) we need to watch Loki episode 3 immediately. Yes, the giant "OMG!" reveal of Loki episode 2 is definitely the kind of moment we hope you weren't spoiled for, as we alluded to in our Loki episode 1 + 2 review.
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What Time Does ‘Loki’ Episode 3 Come Out on Disney+?

If you thought the first episode of Loki was a lot to handle, what’d ya think of Episode 2? The reveals keep coming as Loki’s stint as a prisoner/agent/helper of the TVA continues. What’s Loki’s plan? And what’s other Loki’s plan? And how will those plans coalesce or combust? That’s what we’re dying to find out!
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Loki: Episode 3 Review, Theories & Predictions

Loki’s third episode ends on a huge cliffhanger and provides multiple reveals! The Suit Up Geeks are IN THE HOUSE to breakdown Episode 3 as well as predict how the MCU goes down in future episodes and beyond! Audio and video available below!. Discussion topics include…. Biggest takeaways from the...
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Loki Episode 3 and Episode 4: Schedule Release Date, Plot and Spoilers!

Loki Episode 3 and Episode 4 Updates: If you freshly watched Loki’s newest adventure, we are assuming you have sorted out the latest decoration for this MCU Disney+ sequences. That knave Loki governed to change the timeline… for the Marvel dramas on the house of the mouse. In spite of...