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Mavs Moneyball Live: the long off-season is here

After a few days without talking to Dallas fans, I’m back in the saddle Friday afternoon. At 12:30 p.m. central time I’ll be hosting out weekly show: Mavs Moneyball Live on the Locker Room App. There’s a lot we could talk about, since the off-season is here in a hurry and the Dallas Mavericks are giving us plenty of things to talk or be mad about.
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Ridge High School Drama Club wins awards for 'Cats,' live radio shows

BERNARDS TWP. - Despite the pandemic, the Ridge Drama Club ended the year on a high note, picking up several awards this spring for student performances. This year the club had the opportunity to perform two "Live Radio Plays'' for the holidays, produce a virtual showcase, attend the New Jersey Thespian Festival, and perform a live musical in May.

RAB: Sports Fans Are ‘Emotionally Connected’ to Radio.

While fans of all sports are clearly eager to return to stadiums and arenas to watch their favorite teams live, the Radio Advertising Bureau's latest “Radio Matters” blog serves as a reminder of how connected – and how important – they are to radio. “Fans do more than just attend...
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The Dan Bongino Show Joins KNEWS Morning Lineup

Photo of Fox News Commentator, Author and Talk Show Host Dan Bongino. Photo from the Dan Bongino Show/Alpha Media Portland OR. He’s a former police officer in New York City, a former Secret Service Agent. He’s also a best-selling author, and a host on Fox News. Dan Bongino also has...
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Spotify does not replace listening to radio. Millenials and Gen Zs have forgotten about it but radio alleviates some loneliness.

I think a lot of millenials and Gen Zs have forgotten the charm of listening to the radio. While I am also a subscriber of Spotify, Spotify is still apples and oranges when compared to radio. Spotify replaced your CD collection but the radio is more than a livestream of songs. The conversations by DJs and guests have for the longest time been the "filler socialization" of people for decades during those times when you're just alone in the house. It's sort of like sitting at a bar and listening to two people talk for hours. Podcasts exist but it doesn't replace the "live" factor of live radio. They talk about things as soon as it happens, not something they script and edit once a week like in podcasts. submitted by /u/PotentialDig6631 [link] [comments]