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Funnest Things to do in Utah: Zion, Salt Lake City, & Beyond

After living in Utah for a year, we’ve realized that the beehive state has tons to offer (skiing, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, and ice skating)! We wanted to hit the ground running before we even moved to Utah, so we compiled a list of the funnest things to do in Utah so we could go on adventures, capture memories, and even bring our dog along to some of the pet friendly activities in Utah!
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Hiker unscathed following rescue from Little Cottonwood Canyon on Friday after going off-trail

Salt Lake County search and rescue teams saved a hiker stuck in Little Cottonwood Canyon’s Lisa Falls after a three-hour mission on Friday, resulting in no injuries. The hiker contacted authorities after climbing down an off-trail cliff that he expected would bring him down to Lisa Falls, according to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Search and Rescue organization. When the hiker did not feel safe returning up the steep, wet ledge by himself, he sat down and called for help. Initially, he called the police’s nonemergency line but called back so they could trace his GPS.

Gondola, wider lanes, or none of the above for Little Cottonwood Canyon?

Today on “In the Hive,” we look at where things stand in the planning process that aims to change how transportation is done in Little Cottonwood Canyon. The Utah Department of Transportation released a draft Environmental Impact Statement earlier this year and identified two preferred alternatives to relieve congestion in the canyon: an enhanced bus lane — meaning widening the canyon road to allow better and easier movement of buses — or an aerial gondola.
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Alta To Require Parking Reservations on Weekends And Holidays

The traffic and parking issue in Little Cottonwood Canyon is well-documented. There is legendary bumper-to-bumper traffic heading up the canyon to Alta and Snowbird. In addition, skiers are sometimes being turned away from overflowing parking lots. Something needs to be done. Some proposed solutions include building a gondola or using busses to get skiers from the bottom of the canyon up to the resorts.

Little Cottonwood Canyon's transportation plan

With this upcoming ski season, there is bound to be traffic in the canyons. Little Cottonwood Canyon is ranked a high priority area for alternative transportation. Growing popularity of outdoor recreation has caused a surge of tourists to flood the canyons of Utah. Little Cottonwood Canyon has experienced exceptional traffic for its access to beautiful hikes, rock climbing, and incredibly fluffy snow, that many Utahns refer to as POW.