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Immune system irregularities found in women with postpartum mood disorders

Women with prolonged mental health problems up to three years after childbirth may be suffering from irregular immune system responses, according to new research by Cedars-Sinai investigators. The findings are published in the American Journal of Reproductive Immunology. "We found that women who had clinically elevated symptoms of depression, anxiety,...
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Adverse Childhood Experiences and Care for the Soul

Adverse childhood experiences, understandably, can numb feelings, including spiritual feelings. Once healing has progressed, spirituality can often be successfully cultivated. Cultivating spirituality can result in improved psychological and physical health. This post is part of a series on adverse childhood experiences. Read the other parts here. Trauma therapist Ed Tick...
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Researchers identify potential mechanism underlying stress-induced different changes of amygdala neurons in mice

Chronic stress can differentially change the neuronal structure and function in the brain, leading to anxiety disorders and other neuropsychiatric illness. Now, researchers may understand how the different change occurs. The team from Nanchang University published their findings on November 30 in Stress and Brain. "Prolonged stress alters the structure...
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How the "Mental Illness" Label Helps and Hurts

The "illness model" in mental health can imply that something is broken, leading to the search for a "fix" and competition for resources. The idea of mental "illness" can cause fear that interferes with acceptance and heightens shame and anxiety. One positive aspect of the "illness model" is that it...

Buddhist Precepts Reduce Stress and Buffer Depression: Study

Along with 10 "perfect virtues" known in Pali as Pāramitās, Buddhists observe an ethical code known as Pañca Sīla, or "Five Precepts." Observing Buddhism's Five Precepts involves abstaining from killing, stealing, telling lies, sexual misconduct, and taking intoxicants. Living by a moral code is associated with...

How To Tell If Your Shortness Of Breath Is From Anxiety So You Can Stop Panic-Spiraling

It's been a stressful couple of years (understatement of the century), and many of us, myself included, are struggling with anxiety more than ever. Last year, I sent myself into a tizzy over a slew of mysterious rashes that kept popping up all over my body. My anxiety got so severe that I had trouble breathing and needed to call 911 — it was hard to tell whether I was having a panic attack or going into anaphylactic shock. Luckily, everything was fine, but it was terrifying at the time. It turned out to be a good reminder that if I'm experiencing shortness of breath, sometimes it might be just my body's response to stress levels. It did make me wonder, though, how to tell if shortness of breath is from anxiety — or something more serious.

Study: Teens' brains aged faster during the first year of the pandemic, stress may be to blame

(CNN) - The brains of U.S. teens have physically changed during the COVID-19 pandemic, aging faster than normal, a new study says.The young study participants also reported more severe symptoms of anxiety, depression and what scientists call internalized problems -- meaning feelings of sadness, low self-esteem and fear and trouble regulating their emotions -- after the first year of the pandemic.Dozens of studies have found that teens' and adolescents' mental health has suffered during the pandemic. They have been taken out of school, away from their friends and familiar support structures, and had to live with the uncertainty and fear that came with the coronavirus....

Feeling Socially Anxious

For people who experience social anxiety, focusing on optimism over accuracy may promote mental health. People who chose to interpret ambiguous social situations positively were more likely to report decreases in social anxiety over time. This effect was found regardless of whether a positive or negative interpretation was most likely...

When Chronic Disease Overlaps with Anxiety

While anxiety is uncomfortable, it is a useful emotion to motivate us; when excessive and persistent, the disorder may warrant treatment. People with chronic disease are more likely to experience anxiety, which can lead to poor health outcomes. Anxiety is under-recognized in those with chronic disease, delaying treatment where needed.

Teen Brains Actually Aged Faster Because Of Pandemic Stress

It’s very apparent that the COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant affect on teens around the world, especially when it comes to their mental health. But now a new study out of Stanford University has determined that the stress of the past 2.5 years was enough to change the physical form of kids’ brains. Specifically, it’s made their brains age faster and left them susceptible to mental health concerns like depression and anxiety.

Improve Mental Health Next Year By Breaking 17 Financial Rules

If financial rules affect your mental health, they may need to be broken. However, this doesn’t mean making bad decisions just for the sake of having fun. Instead, this is giving yourself permission to take a break from all the strict must-dos and figure out a healthier alternative. Furthermore,...

Palm e-tattoo can tell when you’re stressed out

Newswise — Our palms tell us a lot about our emotional state, tending to get wet when people are excited or nervous. This reaction is used to measure emotional stress and help people with mental health issues, but the devices to do it now are bulky, unreliable and can perpetuate social stigma by sticking very visible sensors on prominent parts of the body.

Pandemic stress aged the brains of teens, study finds

(TND) — Researchers have found aging-related physical changes in the brains of teenagers impacted by the stress of the pandemic. The researchers, mostly from Stanford University, compared brain scans for dozens of teens both before and after the pandemic and found “what appeared to be older-looking brains than adolescents the same age (had) before the pandemic,” said the study’s lead author Ian Gotlib.

Handling Conversational Stigma: Practical Ways to Combat Mental Health Stigma

Being someone who has had schizophrenia for sixteen years, dealing with stigma has been an ongoing battle, and it’s had major affects on how people view me, how they treat me, and how I view and treat myself. It’s been an exhausting process in which I’ve developed some strategies that have helped me to push back and to make changes in my social circles.