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How to Easily Improve Your Life by Partnering with Others

How do you view the important people in your life? Do you see them as a partner, or do you view them as lesser than or more than yourself? Are you aware that how you view people affects how you deal with them and how they deal with you? Did you know this perception you have of yourself and others applies to entities as well?
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‘The Hot Doctor’ Finds a Life Partner Close to Home

It took him 9 months. However on a wet morning in March 2016, within the Rittenhouse neighborhood of Philadelphia, the person generally known as “the new physician” by all the women on the block lastly requested out the lady he apparently had seen a number of months after she had moved into the brownstone only one door down from his.
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What It’s Like To Meet Your Life Partner on a Dating Site

I had been single for a total of nearly 4 and a half years, before meeting my wife online, which happened about 4 years ago now. We have been happily committed since shortly after meeting. My previous relationship of 5 years had ended very badly — and I found myself struggling to contact anyone intimately. I tried quite a few times, but with disappointing, painful results.
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Charlotte’s Web to Become Exclusive Provider for Life Time Fitness

Additionally, as the exclusive CBD product partner of Life Time, Charlotte’s Web products will also be featured on in-club signage, as well as in the award-winning “Experience Life” magazine and online digital content. Charlotte’s Web hemp-derived topicals and ingestible dietary supplements will be featured at several of Life Time’s iconic...
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Tips for Traveling With Your Partner

One of the things I was surprised people asked a lot about our road trip was how my husband and I get along while traveling! I guess since we have been traveling together for almost a decade I never put much thought into it. But looking back, I realize we are MUCH better at traveling together now than when we first started! So I decided to talk about what it is like traveling with your life partner and how we make the most of it! Everyone is different so these tips may not work for every couple. You need to find a groove that works for you! But I do believe traveling together is so important and I hope we can help others to enjoy traveling together as much as we do!

20 Dog Facts That Will Make You Even More Amazed by Your Best Friend

20 Dog Facts That Will Make You Even More Amazed by Your Best Friend. Your dog is your best friend, your shadow, your constant companion. Regardless of how close you are, though, there are some facts about your dog that you still don't know. Canines may be incredibly common, but they're still amazing—something you'll surely agree with after reading through this list of fascinating factoids. So when you're ready to learn more about your four-legged life partner, read on.
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My place on the timeline of life

“Today is the oldest you’ve ever been, and the youngest you’ll ever be again.”. This piece of wisdom from Eleanor Roosevelt has been on my mind a lot lately. At the start of summer, I watched a class of seven-year-olds for a month. I was their after-school teacher, spending several hours with them every day. I quickly became familiar with their habits and quirks: they don’t understand multiplication, obsess over TikTok, readily accept popsicle bribes and are “dating” someone new every day. During playtime, they swing their tiny bodies across the monkey bars, racing like winning is the most important thing in the world.
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Signs that show you had enough in your relationship

Romantic relationships are considered to be very beautiful bonds in the world. It is that relationship which you would like to cherish forever in your life. However, one needs to know that every relationship is a roller-coaster ride in the journey called Life and there are bounds to be ups and downs in your relationship with your life partner as well. However, you should know when to create a healthy boundary and if the boundaries are being threatened time and again, then it is in no way healthy to continue such a toxic relationship.
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Signs you are a total workaholic

Just like any addiction creates havoc in people’s lives, addiction to work can also affect personal lives, health, and eventually work productivity. This type of addiction is called workaholism which has been socially accepted in various office setups and has been also encouraged by employers to give promotions and salary raises.
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Inner matrix systems on how to create a vision for the life you want

Contributed Content Provided by WordPro SEO. Just as a compass helps you navigate a roadmap, vision supports you to become the person you want to be. Like road signs and mile markers indicate your progress on the highway, your goals are benchmarks along the path to achieving your vision. In this article, Inner Matrix Systems – a personal mastery training system for high achievers – shares how to name and create vision.