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Yes, Bradley Cooper Is Playing Jon Peters in the ‘Licorice Pizza’ Trailer

The first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s coming-of-age film “Licorice Pizza” arrived today, and while there’s a lot to love about the first look at this new movie, the standout from this initial piece of marketing is Bradley Cooper. Bearded and wielding a Hulk-sized ego, Cooper steals the show as he chops up a pair of cars and asks the film’s young protagonist (played by the late Philip Seymour Hoffman’s son Cooper Hoffman), “Do you know who I am? Do you know who my girlfriend is?” The young character replies, “Barbra Streisand,” but the trailer doesn’t go so far as to say the name of Cooper’s character.
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Paul Thomas Anderson's New Movie Is Now Titled 'Licorice Pizza' Because of Course It Is

The first trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's hotly anticipated new film has been finished but is not being released to the general public just yet. However, lucky audience members got to witness the first footage of the film for themselves while attending screenings of classic films at repertory theaters in the cities of London and LA., per The Film Stage. The official title of the auteur's new film is now Licorice Pizza, a big change from Soggy Bottom, which was the working title. The new title is a reference to the Southern California-based record store chain that was popular in the '70s.
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Paul Thomas Anderson’s ‘Licorice Pizza’ Trailer Debuts on 35mm at Repertory Theaters Before Online

London’s Prince Charles Cinema has confirmed it is now screening the trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson’s new movie, “Licorice Pizza,” on 35mm film. Rumors surfaced last week that a trailer for Anderson’s latest was popping up attached to repertory screenings at London’s Prince Charles Cinema and Los Angeles’ New Beverly Cinema. Per Prince Charles Cinema, the “Licorice Pizza” trailer is playing ahead of “Mulholland Drive” and “After Hours” on September 14 and then again September 19 ahead of Anderson’s own “Boogie Nights.” “PSA: Please do not attempt to record the screen as it plays,” the theater added on social media. “Our...

PTA is here with Licorice Pizza

Licorice Pizza sounds terrible. Not as a film, but as a thing. Licorice is one of those flavors, very strong and sometimes medicinal, that not everyone likes. Pizza, however, is universal. Everyone has their own idea about what goes on pizza, but pizza itself is widely adored. I wonder what it tells us about Paul Thomas Anderson’s new film that it is titled Licorice Pizza? Will it be universally adored, like Boogie Nights, There Will Be Blood, and Punch Drunk Love? Or will it be more Magnolia, Phantom Thread, Inherent Vice, the odd ducklings not everyone clings to in PTA’s filmography? The odd ducks are among my favorite works by PTA, so I’m kind of hoping it’s the latter.
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Catch the Trailer for Paul Thomas Anderson's Licorice Pizza at The Belcourt

In the age of constant advertising, the art of the theater-exclusive teaser trailer seems to be dwindling to a null. Don’t tell Paul Thomas Anderson that, though. The Oscar-nominated writer/director hasn’t made a film since 2017’s delectable Phantom Thread, but his new film Licorice Pizza is set to debut later in the fall. Anderson, long an advocate for the old way of making and releasing movies, is sending a sneak peek of his newest film out to select theaters who have the capability of showing a 35mm reel, and the Belcourt has snagged a copy.

Licorice Pizza: Paul Thomas Anderson’s New Movie gets Title and Is it Worth Waiting?

Licorice Pizza is a forthcoming American film under the direction of Paul Thomas Anderson, who is also its penman. The film is set to get aired on November 26, 2021, in the U.S. The film is fabricated by Paul Thomas Anderson, Sara Murphy, JoAnne Sellar, and Daniel Lupi with the aid of production companies like Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Bron Creative and Ghoulardi Film Company.

Paul Thomas Anderson’s movie gets a new title, Licorice Pizza

The title of Paul Thomas Anderson’s newest film has been changed from its working title, Soggy Bottom to Licorice Pizza. The new title references a well renowned ’70’s record store chain with the same name. The story follows a burgeoning child actor set in the ’70’s and features a talented cast.

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This week, Harry Styles is being Harry Styles... At his show in Saint Paul, Minnesota, Harry gave a fan some dating advice. The fan had "should I text him?" handwritten in all-caps on a sign in the audience and it caught Styles' eye. His initial response was to ask: "Is he nice to you?" (Yes, swoon.)

Predictions Friday: Best Picture Is Still Unpredictable

There is the temptation, especially among those new friendos to the Oscar game, to “call it.” But if you’ve been around a while, you know those early premature calls can come back to haunt you. That happens less now in the day-to-day of Twitter madness than it used to. After all, does anyone really care if you can dig up a tweet that says “First Man is going to win Best Picture!”? No one really cares anymore. The page is turned not even daily, but hourly. But back when people used to actually write pieces in print magazines, those “wrong” predictions really could haunt you. We don’t need to go over some of the most notorious ones. For me, though, I’ve been doing this long enough that I already know it’s not really possible to predict how the preferential ballot will go.