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Ind. Conservation Officer helps woman hurt in French Lick

FRENCH LICK, Ind. (WFIE) - An Indiana Conservation Officer didn’t hesitate to help a woman stranded on a stickup in French Lick. According to the Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Officer Zac Howerton grabbed a life jacket and swam out to a woman who found herself entangled with a fishing lure lodged in her leg.
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Live on Sunrise: Vanderburgh Co. Fair getting underway

KSP: Audubon Parkway reopens following deadly crash on Sunday. KSP: Part of Audubon Parkway shut down following deadly crash. Ind. Conservation Officer helps woman hurt in French Lick. Updated: 16 hours ago. Ind. Conservation Officer helps woman hurt in French Lick. Events. Evansville holds North Region Archery Tournament. Updated: 16...
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6-Banner Sunday: Kaleb Banks commits and Indiana holds reunion in French Lick

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Cat Rescue: Feral Cat Approaches Couple And Promptly Adopts Them

We are always quick to help animals in need! While in a parking lot, this Imgur user came across a large group of feral cats, but one stood out amongst the rest. A sweet little cat soon afterwards named "Earl Grey" came up to the user's husband and the rest was history. He was fed, cared for, and had adopted two humans in the process.

Educating the Embodied Mind

Wiritten by Mitchell J Nathan, PhD author of Foundations of Embodied Learning: A Paradigm for Education (Routledge, 2021) Consider the role your body plays in thinking the next time you find yourself gesturing to explain a complex idea or rotating your wrist before you pick up a wrench to remove a bolt. Our bodies are obviously instrumental in performing actions and getting things done. They are also essential in how we think, learn, teach, and express what we know to others.

4 tricks to improve your guitar solos

Guitar lessons: Be honest with yourself, how often do you start a solo with a stock pre-prepared lick? Let’s face it, we all do it sometimes. Well, why not make use of those familiar, well-practised licks because 90% of the time there’s more mileage in them than you might realise.

On Photography: Lou Jones, 1945-present

“In art, I think that you’re pushed and pulled in a direction. And being a Black artist, especially a black photographer, a lot of my decisions were based upon survival.” -Lou Jones. Lou Jones has been a successful photographer for more than 50 years. He started out as a physicist...
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Local students named to Berea College Dean's List

BEREA — More than 470 Berea College students were named to the Spring 2021 Dean's List. A student is named to the Dean's List who achieves a GPA of 3.4 or higher while passing at least four total credits, a course load equivalent to 16 semester hours. Chima Amaechi of...