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What are the best selling GTA games?

The best selling GTA games are often found within a range of several million. Rockstar Games went from a small studio to a massive company within a span of a few years. The GTA series has been explosively popular for decades now. As a result, these games have found major success in their sales records.
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Games Inbox: Will there be a GTA 4 remaster?

The Friday Inbox is unimpressed by the first impressions of eFootball 2022, as one reader is doubtful about the improvements in Far Cry 6. To join in with the discussions yourself email Four the players. I guess the only question about the GTA remasters now is how much they’re...
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Why GTA: Vice City’s Hidden Packages Are Tiki Statues

Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto: Vice City features 100 green tiki statues to find, and this collect-a-thon actually helps add to the game’s plot. Rockstar Games’ Grand Theft Auto franchise has featured a large number of collectibles over the years, but the hidden packages shaped like green tiki statues in GTA: Vice City are especially memorable. Not only does collecting them provide new weapon spawns outside of Tommy Vercetti’s home, but finding all 100 hidden packages in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City will also net players an exclusive ironic T-shirt and consistent access to dangerous airpower.