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Alabama Activists Press Voting Rights In U.S. Supreme Court Showdown

When Evan Milligan, a voting rights activist and organizer, scans his hometown of Montgomery, the capital of the state of Alabama, he sees a tale of two cities. On one side of Montgomery, Black voters like him have been placed in the only one of Alabama's seven U.S. House of Representatives districts where they represent the majority. On the other side, the city's remaining Black voters reside in a different House district where they are vastly outnumbered by white voters.
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UNC System Board Approves Student Fee for Campus Security

The University of North Carolina (UNC) System Board of Governors voted to increase a student fee to pay for campus security services. During a meeting Thursday, board members debated where the money to maintain campus safety should come from, whether it be the students, the institutions, or the state legislature, reports The News Observer.

Kishida opens diplomacy rush as Japan preps divisive funeral

Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida held a series of meetings with foreign dignitaries Monday in what he's called “funeral diplomacy" the day before he hosts a controversial state-sponsored ceremony for former leader Shinzo Abe.Kishida has been criticized for pushing for Tuesday's formal state funeral for Abe, who was assassinated in July, amid questions over their ruling party's close ties with the Unification Church, accused of brainwashing its adherents, and doubts over the legitimacy of a state event with links to prewar imperial Japan.Kishida says the honor is fitting for the longest-serving leader in Japan’s modern political history. He has...

Domestic violence bills stagnant in Ohio despite fewer opponents, News 5 analysis shows

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Domestic violence bills tend to have the least amount of opponents, yet disproportionately don’t pass, according to a News 5 analysis. When News 5 last spoke to Diona Clark in Feb., she was excitedly gearing up for the passage of Aisha’s Law — a bill that would provide more protections for domestic violence survivors like herself. […] The post Domestic violence bills stagnant in Ohio despite fewer opponents, News 5 analysis shows appeared first on Ohio Capital Journal.
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Orange County Clerk wants to purchase mobile DMV vehicle

GOSHEN – Orange County Clerk Kelly Eskew is asking the county legislature to appropriate $220,000 in ARPA funds to purchase a mobile motor vehicle office. The DMV currently has offices in Goshen, Middletown and Newburgh, but Eskew said an office on wheels would bring services to other areas of the county.

Hindrances, impediments and photo IDs

If I’m supposed to feel safer, I don’t. If I’m supposed to break out in a freer and fairer dance, the music is silent. If I’m supposed to recognize an uptick in integrity, I missed it. From the sky-is-falling department comes the latest installment of Nebraska’s decade-long attempt to change the state Constitution. This time […] The post Hindrances, impediments and photo IDs appeared first on Nebraska Examiner.

New Push For Cannabis Legalization Across Hoosier State

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (NETWORK INDIANA): Cannabis is still an illegal substance in Indiana. Some people want to change that, enough that a summer study committee of the state legislature met and heard testimony, discussing what would happen if it were to be made legal in the state. “They had a really...