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Legends of Tomorrow's Caity Lotz shares behind-the-scenes secrets from the 100th episode

"That one changed a lot [from the script]," Lotz tells EW. "There was a lot more improv in playing that because the feeling of the scene was the most important thing. None of that dialogue was pivotal. It was all just about capturing that Legends feeling because [Gideon] is like, 'How is any of this worth it?' And it's like, that's why. So like that silly string at the end, none of that was in the script originally. [I] just kind of surprised everyone on the day, which was really fun."
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DC's Legends of Tomorrow: See Jax Return in 100th Episode Clip (Exclusive)

The CW has provided ComicBook with an exclusive look at tonight's 100th episode of DC's Legends of Tomorrow, featuring the return of Franz Drameh as Jefferson "Jax" Jackson. In the clip, Drameh gets to use his native English accent -- perhaps because this version of him is part of Gideon's subconscious, and Amy Pemberton, who plays the former-AI-turned-human-woman, is also from the UK? In any event, this clip sets up the mission for the episode: Gideon has lost her short-term memory, and it's up to Astra Logue (Olivia Swann) and Spooner (Lisseth Chavez) to save her long-term memory, or the team will lose Gideon as they've known her for the last six years.
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How Legends Of Tomorrow's Caity Lotz Felt About Directing Returning Cast Members For 100th Episode

Underdog Arrowverse series DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is about to hit the 100-episode mark. The milestone installment, which airs October 27, will include returns from previous misfit heroes such as Brandon Routh's Atom and Arthur Darvill's Rip Hunter, and it will all be directed by Sara Lance/White Canary herself, Caity Lotz. To be expected, Lotz was not at all bummed out about leading her former co-starts into the Season 7 chaos.

Legends of Tomorrow season 7 episode 4 spoilers: Episode #101!

Want to get some more news when it comes to Legends of Tomorrow season 7 episode 4? There is another installment coming next week! We’re on the other side of the 100th episode and because of that, don’t just expect nostalgia to be at the core of what’s coming. Instead, we’re getting more into the show’s time-traveling core and with that, opportunities to see some other weird and wacky stuff.

‘Legends of Tomorrow’: Caity Lotz Rounds Up the O.G. Team for the 100th Episode (VIDEO)

Clear the decks and warn the Time Bureau: The gang is getting back together!. For Legends of Tomorrow‘s 10oth episode, entitled “wvrdr_error_100 not found,” the Waverider is taking on some new passengers, albeit ones who already know their way around the ship. With a newly physical version of Gideon (Amy Louise Pemberton) basically incapacitated by having to be human (we feel ya, girl), Astra (Olivia Swann) and Spooner (Lisseth Chavez) download themselves into her mindscape and discover that a virus is about to erase her memory—and her memories of the team.

8PM: DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

With Astra, Spooner and a now-human Gideon trying to save the Legends, Gideon becomes overwhelmed by her new human choices sending her into a catatonic state on a new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow at 8PM Wednesday on WCCB Charlotte’s CW. Click to watch episode promo on YouTube. About...

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is the Arrowverse at its very best

The little show that could hits a major milestone as DC’s Legends of Tomorrow celebrates 100 incredible episodes. Back in 2016 when DC’s Legends of Tomorrow came to be, there was something of an uncertainty about it. The notion of a series revolving around some of the young Arrowverse‘s most beloved “B characters” traveling through time on a flying time-ship sounded great on paper, but was that enough to justify its existence, especially if it wasn’t actually based on a comic book?

Legends of Tomorrow: Who returned in the 100th episode?

Which Arrowverse legends made a shocking return in DC’s Legends of Tomorrow’s 100th episode?. Legends of Tomorrow has been a part of the TV landscape for over half a decade. That’s an impressive feat for a show that many wrote off as the Arrowverse’s goofy spin-off early on, but it’s even more impressive that the show has just reached its 100th episode.

Who is Scott Carroll, the crew member Legends of Tomorrow honored?

The favored The CW present, Legends of Tomorrow, is gearing as much as ship its one hundredth episode to DC aficionados, and through the anticipation of its arrival, followers are pausing to recollect crew member Scott Carroll. Season 7 of Legends of Tomorrow kicked off on October 13 with episode...

Legends of Tomorrow season 7, episode 3 live stream: Watch the 100th episode online

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow season 7 returns to The CW for its special 100th episode. Here’s how you can watch “wvrdr_error_100 not found” online. This Wednesday, a new episode of DC’s Legends of Tomorrow airs on The CW. The Arrowverse show recently kicked off its seventh season, but this one is a particularly special episode. The show will celebrate its incredible run with a special 100th episode directed by Caity Lotz that pays tribute to the past, present and future of Legends.

Legends of Tomorrow S07: Check Out These New 100th Ep Preview Images

This week, the now-flesh AI Gideon (Amy Louise Pemberton) experiences a meltdown that requires Astra (Olivia Swann) and Spooner (Lisseth Chavez) to deep dive into her mind for a hard reboot. To do that, they'll have to remind her of the Legends' history, which means familiar faces returning. So viewers can expect to see Wentworth Miller (Leonard Snart aka Captain Cold), Arthur Darvill (Rip Hunter), Victor Garber (Dr. Martin Stein aka Firestorm), Franz Drameh (Jax akaFirestorm), Falk Hentschel (Hawkman), Courtney Ford (Nora Darhk), and Brandon Routh (Ray Palmer aka The Atom) returning to celebrate (and to save the day one more time) when The CW's DC's Legends of Tomorrow celebrates its 100th episode with "WVRDR_ERROR_100 <Oest-of-th3-Gs.gid30n> notFound" (directed by Caity Lotz and written by Phil Klemmer & Matthew Maala). And while it was kind of the network to release two "family portraits" last week, this time we have a set of preview images focusing on quite a few familiar faces- check them out below (followed by an episode overview, promo, and more):

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow (Season 7 Episode 3) “wvrdr_error_100 not found” trailer, release date

With Astra, Spooner, and a now-human Gideon trying to save the Legends, Gideon becomes overwhelmed by her new human choices sending her into a catatonic state. Astra and Spooner combine their powers to enter Gideon’s mindscape and discover that a virus is trying to erase all of Gideon’s memories. Acting fast, they devise a plan to defeat the virus before it’s too late. Meanwhile, the Legends are about to go up against a powerful new foe.
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Inside DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Episode 100

Can you believe that Legends of Tomorrow, a show that started off as a home for characters who had completed their arcs on other DC Arrowverse shows, began with a tricky/impenetrable premise, and has since evolved to be one of the weirdest and most unique TV shows around is about to celebrate its 100th episode? Well, we sure can. After all, we’ve been telling everyone who will listen that Legends of Tomorrow is far more than just its superhero TV pedigree and is one of the most delightful hours you can spend in front of a screen each week.
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Legends of Tomorrow 7×02 Review – Which whisky bottle is the traitor?

The character relationships among the Waverider’s ensemble are what make Legends continue to be a gem of the Arrowverse, but the characters need forward momentum. This episode focuses too much on its characters without doing anything to move the story forward. “The Need for Speed”. A TICKET TO RIDE —...
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Preview — Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Episode 3: WVRDR_ERROR_100 notFound

It’s a trip down memory lane as Legends of Tomorrow celebrates its 100th episode on Legends of Tomorrow Season 7 Episode 3, “WVRDR_ERROR_100 notFound.”. It’s been a weird, joyful, and unexpected ride, but this little underdog show that barely made it to a Season 2 is airing its 100th episode. To celebrate this milestone, the show is looking back through the eyes of the Waverider’s stalwart AI, Gideon.