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Other cities made a mistake on new LED streetlights. Kansas City is about to repeat it

Kansas City is moving forward to complete a citywide streetlight project, replacing outdated fixtures and bulbs with light emitting diode luminaires. LEDs are more energy efficient, last longer and require less maintenance than outdated high pressure sodium lights — a necessary change. When higher quality broad-spectrum LED products are selected, improved visibility and energy savings are realized.
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Ford May Have Accidentally Invented DRLs By Trying To Be Cool

The most recent major innovation in the automotive lighting universe is likely modernity’s near-ubiquity of daytime running lamps on cars. They’ve actually been around in various forms for a long time, and while they’re not legally required in America yet, they’ve been required in Canada since 1989 and even earlier in often-dark Scandinavian countries, starting with Finland in 1972. Surprisingly, I think Ford may have inadvertently stumbled onto DRLs as early as 1970, though they had no idea they did.
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Key Benefits of Using LED Tail Lights

It’s no surprise that when looking for a new automobile, people consider so many things. Such as the model, tires, side mirror designs, brand, color, engine capacity, headlamp design, and a variety of other factors. However, one of the most important components that many people overlook is the car’s tail light. It is one of the most ignored and underappreciated visible sections of a vehicle.
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Snakes with Kaleidoscopic Patterns #ArtTuesday

Maryland based artist Ryan Eicher turns glass into psychedelic serpents. Intricate linework and trippy, geometric motifs flow through the minuscule glass-blown serpents by Ryan Eicher. The Maryland-based artist casts smooth, colorful gradients, rainbow stripes, thin parallel bands, and intersecting helices within the snakes’ coiled bodies, a challenge considering the structure of the patterns shifts as he shapes the forms. Each miniature creature stretches only a few millimeters wide, and many of Eicher’s most recent pieces feature a mishmash of lines and shapes created with artists like Future Glass and Emerson, among others. You can find details about those collaborative pieces on Instagram, and head to Etsy to add one of the tiny snakes to your collection.
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LynTec AV helps power Alaska news network

LynTec, a manufacturer of electrical power control solutions for professional audio, video, and lighting systems, is delivering lighting and video wall power control for Alaska's News Source broadcast studios, according to a press release. Installed by Alaska Universal Productions, two LynTec RPCR Automated Relay Panels provide 32 circuits of automated...
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2023 Mitsubishi Triton/L200 Chassis Mule Spied, PHEV Option Rumored

Known under many nameplates depending on the region, including L200 in Europe and Ram 1200 in the Middle East, the Mitsubishi Triton deserves a redesign given that it’s hardly been updated since 2014. Currently produced in Thailand and Brazil, the mid-size pickup that was once twinned with the Fiat...

Reverse Engineering: Trash Printer Gives Up Its Control Panel Secrets

Many of us hardware-oriented types find it hard to walk past a lonely-looking discarded item of consumer electronics without thinking “If only I could lug that back to the car and take it home to play with” and [phooky] from NYC Resistor is no stranger to this sentiment. An old Epson WF-2540 inkjet printer was disassembled for its important ‘nutrients,’ you know, the good stuff like funky motors, encoders and switches. But what do you do with the control panel? After all, they’re usually very specific to the needs of the device they control, and don’t usually offer up much scope for reuse.

Asymmetry is key to creating more stable blue perovskite LEDs

Researchers from the Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST) have developed blue LEDs based on a material called metal halide perovskite, that, for the first time, uses asymmetrical bridges to hold the layers of perovskite together, creating a more stable structure. The study, published recently in the...

Fingers RGB-Bruno (SG) Computer Case (with Side Transparent Glass | Full ATX PC Cabinet with ARGB LEDs)

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Can you see stars in light polluted skies?

Light pollution is a big problem, and it’s getting bigger. Recently published research led by Dr Alejandro Sánchez de Miguel at the University of Exeter, UK suggests that a global rise in artificial lighting has substantially boosted light pollution levels over the past few decades – some regions have suffered as much as a fivefold increase! The problem is intrinsically linked to energy waste, so it would be reasonable to expect that efforts are underway to tackle it, but not all approaches are beneficial to our view of the sky. LED lighting for example, while energy efficient and cost-effective, has become the bane of stargazers everywhere as its broad emissions flood the sky with even more light than traditional low-pressure sodium lamps. This is compounded by the dazzling nature of often poorly shielded LEDs, which impacts the way our eyes adjust to the darkness.

Study on the effect of size on InGaN red micro-LEDs

In this research, five sizes (100"‰Ã—"‰100, 75"‰Ã—"‰75, 50"‰Ã—"‰50, 25"‰Ã—"‰25, 10"‰Ã—"‰10 µm2) of InGaN red micro-light emitting diode (LED) dies are produced using laser-based direct writing and maskless technology. It is observed that with increasing injection current, the smaller the size of the micro-LED, the more obvious the blue shift of the emission wavelength. When the injection current is increased from 0.1 to 1 mA, the emission wavelength of the 10"‰Ã—"‰10 μm2 micro-LED is shifted from 617.15 to 576.87 nm. The obvious blue shift is attributed to the stress release and high current density injection. Moreover, the output power density is very similar for smaller chip micro-LEDs at the same injection current density. This behavior is different from AlGaInP micro-LEDs. The sidewall defect is more easily repaired by passivation, which is similar to the behavior of blue micro-LEDs. The results indicate that the red InGaN epilayer structure provides an opportunity to realize the full color LEDs fabricated by GaN-based LEDs.

The Art of The Mitchells vs The Machines #ArtTuesday

If you haven’t heard of The Mitchells vs The Machines or had no interest in watching it, your option might change after looking through its art (and robots 😏)! From Next time someone says big American studios are timid and don’t take creative risks anymore, you should...

Vont 4 Pack LED Camping Lantern, LED Lanterns, Suitable Survival Kits for Hurricane, Emergency Light for Storm, Outages, Outdoor Portable Lanterns, Black, Collapsible, (Batteries Included) $17.62

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Fashionably distant review: Loewe men’s AW22

A lot of things were at play over at Loewe. For the Spanish house's autumn/winter 2022 menswear runway show—the brand's first since the pandemic—creative director Jonathan Anderson presented the collection right within a site-specific installation by artists Joe McShea and Edgar Mosa. 'Flags, Paris 2022' filled the entire space with 87 flags made from nearly 4,000 ribbons. They were still; a collective awkward silence from things that looked so light and appeared to be begging to dance in the air, before given such freedom as models walked under them.

Used Van Buyer: Sterling Eccles Sport SR 442 (2013)

Eccles is the oldest name in the caravan world. In effect, it began the modern touring era, way back in 1919. That venerable history made its disappearance in 2020 even more of a shame. In 2013, though, it was still going strong. Then, the layouts in the Eccles echoed those...

Tongan Community leds relief efforts photo & caption

This photo posted on Paea Mateitalo Amelia’s Facebook page, shows the banner and members of the local Tonga community during the Tongan Church Community of American Samoa fund raising efforts last Saturday in Nu’uuli to help those in Tonga impacted by the recent volcanic eruption and tsunami. The Tongan community continues their relief drive this week. Call: 258-1465 or 733-4286 for info. ASG is also organizing a relief effort for Tonga launching tomorrow, Wed, Jan. 26. [photo: Paea Mateitalo Facebook]

A Buying Guide of portable LED work Light Power Bank in 2021

Wow how far we’ve come just in the last few years when it comes to lighting and LED work lights. I remember putting up terrible (though very expensive) work lights when renovating this house. They were extremely HOT and didn’t last long to the point where I just gave up and purchase a little lamp for my head and I literally did half the work in this house like that. Me with a flashlight on my head lol. LEDs have come so far now even I put a blog post all about the ones I purchased for our garage. Lodi even put one in the basement to do a project when he needed decent light.