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Two years after the protests, the Lebanese opposition is confident in the elections

Two years after an unprecedented protest movement in Lebanon, opposition activists hope that next year’s legislative elections will put the ruling elites in a tight spot, although they admit the chances of a dramatic change are slim. Hundreds of thousands of Lebanese have taken to the streets since October 17,...
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Book Art + Love Tito's + Diwali Lights + Spirits + Lebanese Food

Good day, neighbors! It's me again, Gabriela Couvillion, your host of the San Antonio Daily. Humid with some sun returning. High: 89 Low: 70. When Keri Miki-Lani Schroeder was in Nevada, she would see coyotes everywhere. “I remember seeing them at the drive-in movie theater eating spilled popcorn and hotdogs off the ground,' she says. In 2014, while exploring a Nevada ghost town, she saw "a coyote skeleton decaying in a rusty barrel." Suddenly an idea "circled in Schroeder’s head and inspired the name Coyote Bones Press, the niche imprint she founded the following year." Her book art involves "meticulously handmade boxes, found objects, unusual printing techniques and wry nods to games and magic tricks" and has been featured in exhibitions all around the U.S. To learn more about the artist and see some of her contributions to the world of book art, visit: (San Antonio Current)
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Lebanese Military Court Summons ’LF’ Leader over Tayyouneh Massacre

Lebanon’s military court summoned Thursday the Leader of the Lebanese Forces [LF] political party Samir Geagea, over the slaughtering of seven civilians in Beirut last week. Lebanese media outlets on Thursday reported that the court summoned Geagea to hear his testimony on the October 14 violence in light of the confessions of those detained over the massacre that was committed in Tayyouneh area, a region close to Beirut’s southern suburb.

Hezbollah a Significant Political Force in Lebanon: Putin

"I know very well that different people in different countries take different positions on Hezbollah,” Putin said on Thursday at the conclusion of a meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club held in the Russian resort city of Sochi. “Hezbollah is a significant political force in Lebanon,” he said concerning the...

Soaring Lebanese fuel prices deepen misery

BEIRUT, Oct 21 (Reuters) - Taxi drivers blocked roads in Beirut on Thursday in protest at spiralling petrol prices that are compounding misery for Lebanese already suffering the effects of a devastating economic collapse. Gasoline today is about 10 times more expensive at the pump than it was just a...

Lebanese people cry for justice over Beirut blast

Lebanon is paralyzed, again. The judge leading the investigation into the August 2020 port blast has become a lightning rod for Lebanon’s mounting tensions. Lives have already been lost in the dispute, which goes to the very heart, CNN’s Ben Wedeman reports, of Lebanon’s future.

Lebanon: Samir Geagea Summoned By Lebanon's Military Court over Tayouneh Ambush

The summon follows incriminating confessions made by members of the Lebanese Forces. Lebanese Forces Leader Samir Geagea was summoned by Lebanon’s military court for questioning over a shooting attack on a peaceful demonstration in Tayouneh. The summons follows incriminating confessions given by some of the arrested Lebanese Forces members, according to a source cited by Reuters.

Woman dies in crash, run over repeatedly on pitch-black Lebanese highway

BEIRUT: Lebanon on Thursday woke to news of one of the bleakest moments brought on by the country’s energy crisis, after the smashed-up body of a female Ethiopian worker was found on Al-Zahrani Highway, which links Beirut to the south. According to a security source, she was killed in a...

Lebanese came to Northeast in waves

By the time Paul Serafin reached Minneapolis in 1905, his last name had been changed to Jacobs at Ellis Island, and he’d lived in New York and Louisiana, where he’d worked picking crops for local farmers. Born in the Syrian Arab Republic (Lebanon) in 1887, he was one of thousands of young Lebanese who left their mountain homes to seek a new life in America.

Lebanese lose $300 million during fake cryptocurrency speculation

Lebanese lose $300 million during fake cryptocurrency speculation. The Lebanese newspaper, An-Nahar, reported that some cryptocurrency investors received a new blow today, as a result of a scam by the Binancesfund platform that resulted in investors losing millions of dollars. In details, Binancesfund invests customers' money in cryptocurrencies and returns...

Geagea: If it is true that a military court wants to...

“If it is true that a military court wants to hear my testimony regarding the Beirut violence, it should listen to Nasrallah’s testimony before me,” said Samir Geagea, head of the Lebanese Forces party. Regarding the request to hear his testimony, Geagea said: “The government’s commissioner to the military court...