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US abandons Afghanistan, but can’t cease a habit of bombing it

In the first half of this year, there have been more civilian casualties in Afghanistan than in the same period of any other year since the United Nations began to count in 2009. The increase seems to be related to the recent departure of international troops from the country. Since...
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Afghanistan’s neighbours need to step in if they want stability

If the Taliban takes control of Kabul or another civil war breaks out, chaos will spread throughout the region. The withdrawal of United States and NATO forces from Afghanistan presents a significant choice before the country’s neighbors. As foreign troops leave and Taliban fighters advance, they must decide whether they will cooperate to stabilize the country or turn it again into a battleground of regional interests. This decision will determine the course of events not only in Afghanistan, but across the region.

'Pak aim to install interim govt that includes Taliban'

Amsterdam [Netherlands], July 23 (ANI): Asserting that Pakistan's main aim in Afghanistan is to install an interim government that includes the Taliban, a European-based think tank said that the terror group would not be what it is today without Pakistan's unerring backing and support. An academic research paper titled 'Regional...
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House Approves Visa Bill for Afghans Who Aided U.S. Forces

Afghans who have worked alongside the U.S. military are one step closer to leaving Afghanistan. It comes as the Taliban threatens to regain control of the country and kill those Afghans who helped U.S. forces. The House approved a bill Thursday to streamline the Afghanistan Special Immigrant Visa Program. It...