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The British Fashion Council launches new award category for Roblox designs

As part of its annual fashion awards, the British Fashion Council is adding a new category for 2021: an award for “metaverse design.” As broad as that might sound, the award was actually created in partnership with Roblox, and as such, the shortlist is limited to five Roblox creators. The winner, cSapphire, operates an in-app clothing boutique.
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Balance Is the Best App of 2021, According to Google

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Logitech G League of Legends Collection Review: ‘Arcane magic’

League of Legends fans are eating well these days. The exciting Worlds 2021 tournament recently concluded, Netflix’s terrific Arcane is set to debut its third and final act, and Riot Games released two surprise spin-off games in the form of Ruined King and Hextech Mayhem. While the IP may not be a household name just yet, Riot is making the right moves to eventually achieve this. Now, in collaboration with Logitech G, the PRO series’ League of Legends Collection offers some of the brand’s best equipment with a LoL tint.

Geek Giveaway: Secretlab’s Jinx Edition TITAN Evo 2022 Gaming Chair

Secretlab‘s TITAN Evo 2022 is quite the formidable gaming chair. Its mix of ergonomics, functionality, and comfort makes for a peerless chair that is not just suitable for gamers, but for anyone who finds themselves needing something more durable and reliable. Recently Secretlab collaborated with Riot Games to bring fans...

Next League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule could become available tomorrow

The next League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule might be made available on Nov. 30 at 11am CT, according to a post by Reddit user u/barreeeiroo. The Reddit user wrote that by inspecting the network on the Prime Gaming page, you can view when every drop will become available. The information on the web page seems to indicate that the next Prime Gaming Capsule could be released tomorrow.

Team Liquid’s Bwipo earns kill in dicey tower dive during LCS in-house match

Newly signed Team Liquid top laner Bwipo showed off his skills in a friendly in-house game between LCS players yesterday, outplaying three opponents by avoiding certain death in a one-vs-three tower dive. The preseason League of Legends game was streamed on the personal Twitch channel of LCS shoutcaster Clayton “CaptainFlowers” Raines.

‘Hellbound’ creator says there are currently no plans for a second season

Yeon Sang-ho, creator and director of Hellbound, has spoken about the potential for a second season of the hit Netflix original K-drama series. In a recent interview with Variety, Yeon touched on his plans for the future of the fantasy series, which has since become one of the most-popular series on Netflix currently. Hellbound, which was released on November 19, is an adaptation of Yeon’s 2020 webtoon comic of the same name.

League player almost kills recalling Singed but gets punished by turret

There are a few unwritten rules in League of Legends. And among those, there’s one that this Yone player forgot: Don’t chase the enemy Singed. One League player shared a clip from a game that will teach every summoner this all-important lesson. A Yone player found a successful exchange in the top lane, chasing away the enemy Singed. But neither demonic swords nor Ignite could defeat the Mad Chemist.

If You Give an Organization An Option Out: League of Legends’ Buyout Problem

There is a new theme when it comes to contracts in esports. First, there was a pure lack of recognition when it came to contracts. Players and organizations shamelessly disregarded the nature of their agreement and freely navigated the free agency market without real consequence. The openness — while mutually beneficial at times — wasn’t realistic.

Google Play’s Best of 2021 awards have wrapped up. Who’s won what?

The results are in! As an excellent 2021 comes to an end, we now know some of the best games to have released this year. Google Play’s Best of 2021 awards return once again with a list of multiple outstanding games across many categories. This year, Google Play expanded their list across games created for tablets, Wear OS, and Google TV as well. These apps are representative of all the hard work developers have put in this year and it also paves the way for more apps to come.

Riot details plans for LEC, ERLs in 2022

The LEC returns on Jan. 14 to a familiar format. The 2022 Spring Split, as with previous seasons, will feature two superweeks stacked with three days of back-to-back matches, before transitioning into the playoffs on March 25 and culminating with the finals on April 9 and 10. Riot is remaining...

Arcane Act III review as well as what to expect from Season 2

Arcane has certainly set the bar with its first season, but what more can we expect out of it?. From when Arcane was first originally announced years ago, many were already putting high levels of expectation on Riot Games, which is known for its track record when it comes to visual animations. Having worked with the same French studio, Fortiche Productions who have been doing all of their previous work, there was almost no doubt that Arcane was going to be a visually-stunning animated series to watch. However, what they probably didn't expect was the scale of which Netflix's audience took to it, along with many fans of the game it was derived from, League of Legends.

Netflix’s Top 10 Shows and Movies Right Now

The shows and movies most popular on Netflix according to their subscribers are found on the service, but that’s only part of the story. Fans spend more time on their favorite Netflix series and movies than just the time spent binging them; they also read up on titles’ background and critical standing on Rotten Tomatoes’ own pages. We’ve made a list of the top 10 movies and shows on Netflix U.S. that our visitors have been reading about over the 14 days ending November 28 (a special two-week holiday edition).