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If You Can Lead Here You Can Lead Anywhere

Become a member to unlock this story and receive other great perks. *Outside memberships are billed annually. Print subscriptions available to U.S. residents only. More Details. “If you can lead at Devil’s Lake, you can lead anywhere.”. I’ve heard this mantra many times at Devil’s Lake, Wisconsin. A frazzled...
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The Week in Review: A 10-Year-Old Does Two V12s.

Get access to everything we publish when you sign up for Outside+. For more story roundups, consider subscribing to Climbing’s Newsletter. Bayes Wilder Sends Two V12s (Two Months After 5.14c). He’s Only 10. By Delaney Miller. Bayes Wilder is having a pretty dang good year. He sent his...
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6 Adrenaline-Inducing Activities to Get Your Blood Pumping

Adrenaline, the hormone produced in the adrenal glands during times of stress or fear, is a critical component to the body’s safety system. However, the “fight or flight” hormone, as it’s known, can also be produced in short bursts during thrilling physical activities. Though it’s not advisable to permanently seek a heightened state of physical and mental alertness, a boost of adrenaline every now and then can be beneficial to one’s overall wellness.

The best cross-training sports for triathlon

World-class triathletes train upwards of 25hrs a week. They eat, train, sleep, repeat. From March to October, throw in racing, too. Their hobby is their job. You, the age-grouper, are not a professional. You balance triathlon, family, work and the occasional gin or craft ale. For many of you, you...

What is sport climbing? Its history, legendary locations and what you’ll need

What is sport climbing? Well, once upon a time, rock climbing was just rock climbing, a pursuit of climbing crags using your wits, strength, technique and protective equipment. Then, in the late 1970s and 1980s, a new movement emerged, first in Europe and then in America, that would hammer a great split through the climbing world.

An Enormous New Multi-Level Climbing Gym Has Opened In Lincoln Park

A new, 41 ,000-square-foot rock climbing facility with yoga and fitness studios has opened in Chicago!. Movement gyms, the largest community of indoor climbing gyms in the United States, has opened a brand-new facility in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood. The exciting new 41,000 square foot gym climbing utopia has more than 200 routes on walls topping out at 55-feet high. As well as state-of-the-art bouldering, top-roping, and lead climbing the center offers an array of amenities like yoga studios, a full-service gym, and a gear store complete with climbing equipment and expert advice.

What is top roping and how does it differ to other approaches to rock climbing?

What is top roping? At its most fundamental level, top roping is climbing with the rope already fed through an anchor at the top of a climb. It is the opposite of lead climbing, where the climber places protection as they go, whereas with top roping the protection is provided by the anchor and the belayer. If you are looking to begin your rock climbing journey, top roping is the safest and easiest way to learn.

Ice Climbing Courses in the Wasatch Mountains

Feel a rush of euphoria upon completing your climbs on solid ice. From beginner-friendly to advanced routes—this area has it all. Soak up the dramatic views of canyons while honing your ice climbing skills. When people think of Utah in the context of outdoor recreation, the first thing that...
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Climbing and inclusion

It is very likely the first ice fest of its kind, anywhere. It is certainly the first in Ouray. There won’t be any competing. It isn’t open to the general public. Most important of all, it won’t be dominated by people like Peter O’Neil, executive director of the Ouray Ice Park, who dryly refers to himself as “an old white guy.”

Alex Honnold’s Biggest Close Call (And No, It Wasn’t Free Soloing)

Become a member to unlock this story and receive other great perks. *Outside memberships are billed annually. Print subscriptions available to U.S. residents only. More Details. I know that Alex Honnold thinks about the risks of rockfall. I know this because I was with him the first time he—and I—experienced...

How Rock Climbing Taught Me to Trust Myself

Nearly 10 years and four moves ago, I was attending college in Texas when I fell in love with rock climbing. When I first started, my forearms burned so much after a climb that it was difficult to grip my steering wheel driving home. But the pain didn't stop me — nowadays, I climb two days a week on the outskirts of Aspen and lead climbing workshops in my time off from my advertising job.

Campus Recreation & Wellness Center

The Campus Recreation Wellness Center opened during the summer of 2010. This state-of-the-art facility boasts 20,000 square feet of fitness space over three levels, a 52-and-a-half-foot climbing wall, a 50-meter competitive swimming pool, an 18-foot deep diving well, a recreation swimming pool, a one-ninth-mile jogging track, two basketball/volleyball courts, one multi-activity gym, a café, locker rooms, upgraded club locker rooms, a Wellness Suite, and the Recreational Services Administrative Suite.

Big & Boulder

The vast, light-filled room opens to what could double as a ginormous maritime-themed art installation. Blond-wood walls, dotted with red, pink, blue, yellow, orange, and black chunks, rise like 14-foot hulls of oddly angled ships moored on two black islands. These are “bouldering walls,” the blocks are “holds.” And this is BlocHaven, Greenville’s newest climbing gym.

Places To Go and Things To Do: Climb On!

Climbing is one of the fastest growing sports in the country, especially after its inclusion in the 2021 Olympics and American Nathaniel Coleman’s podium finish. Austin is fortunate to have a wealth of opportunities for climbers of all experiences and skill levels. In addition to building superb strength and stamina, the sport provides excellent lessons in logic and problem solving. Figuring out how to get from Point A to Point D is half the fun.

Dynamic Climbing Rope And Its Features

The impact of a falling climber absorbs dynamic ropes, which stretch to absorb the shock. Static ropes have very little elasticity, making them ideal for lowering an injured climber, ascending a string, or hauling cargo up. Static ropes should never be utilized for top-roping or lead climbing because they are not developing, tested, or certified for those loads. If you want to climb using a dynamic rope, you have three options: single, half, and twin ropes.