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Asus ZenBook 13 OLED review: dazzling, to a point

Seeing a laptop with an OLED screen at a sub-$1,000 price point is wild. Not too long ago, finding that display technology under $2,000 would’ve been unthinkable. But if there’s anyone I’d trust to make sub-$1,000 OLED happen, it’s Asus, one of the masters of affordable, portable laptops. And if there’s any combination of companies I’d trust to make sub-$1,000 OLED happen without a battery life disaster, it’s Asus and AMD.
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Arcade1Up pinball cabinet review: Fine for families, interesting for modders

If you're of a certain generation, chances are you have imagined (or, at this point in your adulthood, built) your own home arcade that resembles something out of the golden '80s era. One useful path to making this a reality, especially in tighter quarters, is the "multicade," an invention that squishes multiple games into a single cabinet.
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Teach kids to code with the AI Vinu robot

Teachers and parents looking to teach kids to code may be interested in a new LCD coding robot called the AI Vinu which has launched via Kickstarter this month and has already blasted past its required pledge goal thanks to over 130 backers with still 36 days remaining. The VINU robot aims to teach kids to code using a total of 180+ coding contents with 15 stages and 12 chapters joined by unique animation characters.
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Why policy makers should pay attention to the concept of massive modularity: The example of the mobile telecom industry

Recently, policy makers have taken a deep interest in global value chains (GVCs), with a view to making them more resilient and robust in most countries’ post-pandemic recovery plans. A central assumption in all policy proposals seems to be that the classic GVC is the relevant unit of analysis: each “lead” firm organizes a pipeline of suppliers (its supply chain) as needed to produce a good or service. In such conventional GVCs, it is easy to identify the critical inputs and bottlenecks that create vulnerability to disruption. But in industries characterized by what we call “massive modularity”, this becomes extremely difficult.
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Samsung Galaxy S21 vs Apple iPhone 12: Which newly released smartphone is best?

Samsung’s latest flagship phone has just launched, and it’s early. The Samsung Galaxy S21 would have been expected in March or April, if the regular timetable was being followed, but this year Samsung wanted to get the year off to a lively start. And since the last iPhone came not in September as is usual, but a few weeks later, the biggest phones from the UK’s leading phone brands have landed much closer to one another than ever before. Samsung’s phone comes in three different versions, the S21, S21+ which is a touch bigger, and the S21 Ultra which uses...
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ViewTech Borescopes Exhibiting at AISTech June 29 – July 1 at Booth 2647

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich., June 18, 2021 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE) — ViewTech Borescopes will exhibit for the fifth time at the annual Association for Iron & Steel Technology Conference and Exposition. AISTech 2021 will be taking place June 29 through July 1 and is located at the Music City Center in Nashville, Tennessee. This year’s leading iron and steel industry event will feature iron and steelmaking technologies from across the globe, hundreds of technical presentations, and more than 325 exhibitors.

Pentax Program A – First Impressions Review – By Peter Roberts

When a couple years ago my daughter was given a film camera by her partner’s uncle it was passed to me to check out before she used it. I didn’t know what to expect but it turned out to be a Pentax Program A. The dust on the gadget bag it came in suggested that it had slumbered under a bed or at the bottom of a wardrobe for some time so I suspected that the first thing it would need would be new light seals. I was not wrong, they were the usual gooey mess and the mirror damper had almost completely disintegrated. That aside, my first impression was that it was vaguely akin to my Minolta XD7. Same size, same black finish wearing at the rub points on the edges, even the same amount of dust in the pentaprism.

[Update: New for June] Best USB-C and Thunderbolt displays for Mac

USB-C/Thunderbolt display options have really grown over the last couple of years. While Apple is making its own monitor again with the Pro Display XDR, it’s not the best fit for the majority of Mac users with a starting price of $5,000 (without a stand). Let’s take a look at some of the best USB-C/Thunderbolt displays available in the $400-$1,300 range.
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AT&T deal cuts the price of Samsung's Galaxy Tab A7 Lite in half; conditions apply

Just a few years ago, it looked as though tablets were becoming extinct thanks to the ever increasing screen sizes of smartphones and the avent of foldable devices. But along came the pandemic; workers stuck at home and kids learning remotely turned to the tablet for work and play. And even though people are going back to the office and kids will be heading back to school, for now tablets are as popular as they've been in years.
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The Next Step For Tamaogtchis is Smartwatches

Even though virtual pets can be easily downloaded on a smart device, Tamagotchi is still in the market for making physical devices for pets. The company has been evolving over the past 25 years and it recently just unveiled its next evolution. The Japanese Bandai site just revealed the Tamagotchi smartwatch.

Tamagotchi is now also a smartwatch

The mythical virtual pets Tamagotchi have returned with a new device released by Bandai in Japan, Tamagotchi Smart, which this time adopts the design of a smart watch with a screen and microphone that is worn on the wrist. Tamagotchi has celebrated this year the 25th anniversary of the launch...
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Oppo A54 5G Review | Trusted Reviews

The Oppo A54 5G is another example of a new breed of affordable phone that offers 5G connectivity and stellar battery life at an extremely low price. As ever, however, you really need to read the small print before you decide whether the inevitable trade-offs are acceptable to you. Pros.