Nigeria now Africa’s vast crime scene under corrupt, lazy Buhari: Economist

Nigeria under President Muhammadu Buhari has become a crime scene of destructive magnitude on the African continent, The Economist said in its latest issue. The London publication said terrorists and armed bandits are running wild because Mr Buhari is corrupt and lazy, failing to do anything but render lip service following every deadly attack.
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How To Motivate Lazy Employees: 20 Ways

Frustrated trying to motivate lazy employees? Indeed, employee motivation is something many entrepreneurs, business owners, and HR managers tend to struggle with. In fact, only 15% of employees worldwide feel engaged in the workplace. This is an obvious sign that many companies don’t know how or don’t care to motivate and engage their employees.
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Reggae, soul at Lazy Hiker

The Natti Love Joys will perform at 8 p.m. Friday, Oct. 29, at Lazy Hiker Brewing in Sylva, and at 8 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 30, at Lazy Hiker Brewing in Franklin. A roots-rock-reggae band that has been playing live since 2003, the group consists of husband and wife duo Anthony “Jatti” Allen and Sonia “Marla” Allen.

Lazy defending is a worry for Worthing - despite great results

But he warned that defensive lapses will cost them dear if they don’t stay switched on at the back. An Ollie Pearce hat-trick set up a superb 4-3 win away to Kingstonian last Wednesday – though only after the Ks had fought back from 3-1 down to make it 3-3, before Jesse Starkey converted the winner.

Lazy me? Of course not.

I read by chance a post about @JonicaBradley laziness, so I wanted to participate, since a situation happened to me that motivated me to write about it. Although I don't know if all the topics should be done in order, I'll do it anyway, I need to get it off my chest somehow.

Are you a lazy person?

I’m very half and half. I love working out, ice skating, rollerblading, swimming, hiking and rock climbing. But I also love binging movies, shows or video games and taking breaks to cook fancy meals or take bubble baths. It’s all about balance! I think the hardest part is convincing yourself...

Aunt shocked by mum's harsh treatment of teen with cancer: 'Stop being lazy'

A loving aunt is concerned over her sister’s treatment of her 14-year-old niece, who is undergoing chemotherapy for bone cancer. The woman witnessed the mum scream and yell at the teen following a treatment because of her school grades – “she told her to stop being lazy and start studying more.”

Last-Minute Halloween Costumes That Make You Seem Less Lazy Than You Are

The scariest thing you could do on Halloween? Pull up to the function with a half-assed—or worse yet, nonexistent—costume. Think about it. What other day of the year are you subject to sending the combined message of, “I am lazy, boring, and not spooky,” in one go? It’s a 69-car pileup of party pooper energy, and your faithful Rec Room editors are not about to let that happen—no matter how much you’ve procrastinated.

Fortnite Mini-Puft locations in Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake or Retail Row explained

Fortnite Mini-Pufts are one of the quests in the Containment Specialist questline. Alongside Seismographs locations, you'll have to find tiny versions of the Stay Puft Mashmallow Man who cluster in three locations - Sludgy Swamp, Lazy Lake or Retail Row. Thankfully, you only need to visit one of these locations,...

8 easy pumpkin decorating ideas for lazy parents

This is going to be the first Halloween that my kid actually knows what’s going on. He’s set on decorating pumpkins, but I’m a single parent and am dreading the moment when we’re mid pumpkin-carving and he’s over it, and I’m left with giant mess and a toddler who’s running rampant. Are there any easy pumpkin decorating ideas that I need to know about asap?

"Dirty Lazy Keto 5" Recipes

We talk to the author of, "Dirty Lazy Keto 5" as she shows us how to make chili cheesecake bars. See how she makes this sweet delicious dish!

Dirty, Lazy, Keto: Asparagus French Fries

The author of "Dirty Lazy Keto 5" is back and this time she shows us how to make Asparagus French Fries using an air fryer! See how you can make this delicious dish in no time!

Create NFTs for Free Via Rarible’s Lazy Minting Function

Thanks to NFT marketplace Rarible, you can now create NFTs for free! The platform has introduced a new “lazy minting” feature using which you can create NFTs free of cost. Moreover, the feature makes Rarible more sustainable as it brings down the number of unnecessary transactions. “We’re excited to further...

The Lazy Side Of Me

People think I'm a hard working person because I multi-task a lot like there's no tomorrow. Because I grind here and there and everywhere, doing from one task to another, or doing them all at once. Well, behind all these grinding is the other side of me, my lazy side of me.