"Express yourself by writing"

Hello reader's and writer's, how was your day so far? I hope you guys are doing well and having a productive day for this sunny Tuesday. Anyway wherever you are, please stay safe. Sometimes making an introduction is also quite hard for me. I am sometimes confused, if am I...
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6 Ways to Beat Laziness

Everyone is probably familiar with the situation when there are a lot of things to do, but you don’t want to do them. At such moments, everything distracts you: phone calls, the noise of cars outside the window, and even a fish swimming silently in the aquarium. And now you are procrastinating on the couch for the third hour, sincerely not understanding how to make yourself sit down to work.
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Lazy form letters are worse than useless

In recent weeks, my inbox has seen an influx of form letters, urging President Joe Biden to do things — pass the infrastructure bill, cave to Progressives, end the filibuster — or for certain lawmakers to either fall in step with the rest of the slim Democratic majority in the U.S. Senate — I’m looking at you, Kyrsten Sinema — or side with the “silent majority of Americans” to oppose Democratic measures and “reckless spending” to pass a $3.6 trillion budget reconciliation bill and a $1 trillion infrastructure bill.

Calls to bring back night trains that have disappeared due to ‘laziness’

The platform promoting public transport (PTP) has called on train operators in Catalonia to return night services that have disappeared over the past decade due to “laziness.”. The association has called on Renfe, FGC, and SNCF to bring the services back and pointed to the example of other European countries...

I'm Not Lazy I'm Just A Little Unwell

I got this title idea when I read ate Jane's article with her article "I'm Not Lazy, Just Tired." and I just also learned a new excuse for myself lol. Here's where I also got the title of this article of mine. Those were the good old days when I...

I'm not lazy, I'm just avoiding unnecessary stress

Good morning from my time zone (it's morning here in my country) hope you had a wonderful night and I wish you a productive day ahead. Have been reading articles about "Laziness" a prompt hosted by @JonicaBradley and I have been able to gather enough details to fund my article on laziness too, I think I am ready now to write my own opinion on laziness.

Lazy me? Of course not.

I read by chance a post about @JonicaBradley laziness, so I wanted to participate, since a situation happened to me that motivated me to write about it. Although I don't know if all the topics should be done in order, I'll do it anyway, I need to get it off my chest somehow.

Your parents may be to blame for your bad hangovers - here’s why

They f**k you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to, but they do, and now we have one more thing we can blame them for. According to TikTok user Wes, hangovers are determined by genetics, and if you have a genetic mutation that “slows down your body’s ability to process alcohols' toxic byproduct” you are more likely to feel worse for wear the day after a night of heavy drinking.

Online Grocery Shopping: Lazy or Great Innovation?

Online grocery shopping is getting more popular every day. It seems like every time you go out; there’s a new retail space offering curbside pickup. The explosion has only increased since the pandemic. For certain people, this service can be a lifesaver. People with physical conditions, extremely busy moms, and...

Are you a lazy person?

I’m very half and half. I love working out, ice skating, rollerblading, swimming, hiking and rock climbing. But I also love binging movies, shows or video games and taking breaks to cook fancy meals or take bubble baths. It’s all about balance! I think the hardest part is convincing yourself...

The Lazy Side Of Me

People think I'm a hard working person because I multi-task a lot like there's no tomorrow. Because I grind here and there and everywhere, doing from one task to another, or doing them all at once. Well, behind all these grinding is the other side of me, my lazy side of me.

COLUMN: Working students are not lazy

In high school, I worked at Panera for 35 hours a week for $9 an hour. I was a straight A student with a 3.9 GPA at the time, but everyone told me that since I was 16, I needed a job. People told me I was lazy for not...

What to do when your homeschool child is a lazy writer

Problem: Your child is a lazy writer who’s not willing to take time planning, writing, and revising. Solution: Offer structure, rewards, more consistent supervision, and opportunities for immediate success. Let’s look at a different kind of stumbling block: writing laziness. More than any of the previous writing hurdles, laziness tends...