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Vintage Clothes Hanger/Frame Photo Display

One of my favorite older projects started out with a vintage wooden clothes hanger and an 8" x 10" picture frame. I still like the project, but I decided to give it a small facelift. (When you click on the bold Amazon, Old Sign Stencils or Dixie Belle Paint Company...
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15 Front Door Colors for a Green House

What are the options for front door colors for a green house? Whether you’re bored with your current door or you never thought the color quite matched, it can be a challenge to find the right combination. Worry no more. Disclaimer: The information included in this post is for...
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Interior Wall Painting Techniques – Project Prep to How to and Do it Yourself

TSP (optional for cleaning oil and Grime) Blue painter’s tape (with and without paper attached) Old paintbrushes or china bristle brushes for dusting. Latex paints are not all the same. Now the term “latex” includes all water-based paints. High-performance interior paints are 100% acrylic; they have better color retention, better adhesion and, in the case of faux finishing the better choice for an undercoat than vinyl-acrylics.
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Can You Put Paint In A Dumpster In Massachusetts?

If you regularly listen to "Slater and Marjo In The Morning", you know my love of throwing things away. Like, just the thought ordering a dumpster for some spring cleaning gives me goosebumps. Well, not quite, but you get the idea. With respect to folks who like to hoard, if...

Best Furniture Painting Secrets

You can easily give old pieces of furniture a new life with a DIY paint job. Learn how to paint your furniture yourself! These are the secrets to painting furniture right the first time!. One of my favorite projects is painting furniture. Whenever I am planning a new room or...

Quick Way to Lighten Dark Furniture: Whitewashing Stained Wood

Whitewashing is a great way to lighten dark furniture. Older furniture sometimes looks outdated and whitewashed finish can freshen and lighten the stained wood. Well Guys, I’m in love with this side table. I know, bragging on myself and patting my back but wait until you see the new look versus what I started with. You will not believe it is the same piece.

Who Doesn't Love an Upcycle?

Have you ever been overwhelmed at the task of furnishing a new space? In 2020 when we purchased Century View Lodge, we had to fill it top to bottom. Since it was mainly to be a vacation rental, we really needed to focus on function, durability, and of course, style. But I am not one for going and buying out a showroom plus it would have been ridiculously expensive. I require charm from a bygone era.

How to Paint an Abstract Landscape Design on a Dresser

Sherwin-Williams satin finish paint (we used Tupelo Tree, Secret Garden, Wheat Grass, Searching Blue and Watery) Bring a vintage piece of furniture back to life by painting it with a playful twist on a classic motif. Using a landscape painting for inspiration, treat your old furniture piece like a canvas and create a simple ethereal landscape. The key to making this technique work is to feather the edges of color between each ridgeline. Use an artist's brush to fill in the details and tear several pieces of poster board so each ridgeline is different, like a real landscape.

Is Paint Flammable? Types of Paints That Combust and Don’t

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. When you have spare paint cans or bottles lying around the house, it is important to know whether they are inflammable. Some paints may seem...

5 Best Electric Power Paint Roller of 2022

Disclaimer | This article may contain affiliate links, this means that at no cost to you, we may receive a small commission for qualifying purchases. Painting jobs can get exhausting and messy, can’t they? Especially if you’re still using old manual paint rollers for the job. But we’re...

Best Furniture Paint: Chalk Paint vs Latex Paint

I often get asked what furniture painting products I recommend, and what I believe the best furniture paint is. I’m also asked to compare chalk paint vs latex paint, and why one might be better than the other. I thought I would just break this down in a blog post for you.

Painting Basement Stairs

In this painting basement stairs guide we cover the best options for colors, paint products, stain, and other important details you should know for basement stairs design. Basement stairs endure a lot of abuse and are also one of the most underappreciated house elements. If you are familiar with interior decorating or damage prevention, you already know how better basement stairs look after painting or staining with the right paint.

Kitchen Cabinets Painting

Kitchen cabinet painting before and after: What a difference!. If you aren’t proud of your old, dull, and outdated kitchen, it’s high time you considered renovating it by painting. Painting kitchen cabinets can change the house’s entire look, making the canteen appear new. You don’t have to...

How to Paint a Garage Door (Like the Pros)

Do you feel that paying a professional $500 to paint a two-car garage door is a little over the top? Then it’s time to learn how to paint a garage door by yourself. I’m going to show you just how easy it is and save you hundreds of dollars in the process.

How to Paint a Block Pattern on a Midcentury-Mod Credenza

This classic midcentury modern sideboard was found on Craigslist for a mere $45. Parts of it were damaged with some deep gouges and years of rough wear, but it was well-built and structurally sound. So we stripped off the existing finish, patched up the gashes and then did a multi-tone finish using stain and a variety of paint colors. The challenge was to use just enough paint to cover up the damaged spots without covering up the beautiful pecan wood grain.

How to paint a house exterior

There is much more to knowing how to paint a house exterior successfully than simply choosing a paint color and brushing it on. Paint functions to protect outside components from degradation caused by the weather as well as enhancing the appearance of a building. It's one of the most important features of house design, and choosing the right color and finish should be central to your paint ideas.