Jefferson County man gets federal prison for pointing laser at Star 1 helicopter

A Jefferson County man has been sentenced to federal prison for aiming a laser at a helicopter last year. U.S. District Judge Anna M. Manasco sentenced 27-year-old Gabriel Lopez Mathews to eight months in prison for aiming a laser pointer at Jefferson County’s Star 1 helicopter, according to a joint announcement by Northern District of Alabama U.S. Attorney Prim Escalona and FBI Special Agent in Charge Johnnie Sharp Jr.
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CASE REPORT: Self-induced maculopathy by 12-year-old boy

A 12-year-old male patient presented to the clinic with complaints of central scotomas in each eye, worse in the right than the left. He and a friend had been playing with a laser pointer, and he experienced multiple bouts of laser light directed into his eyes for 20 to 30 seconds over the course of a few hours. The laser pointer was 650 nm and had a power output of less than 100 mW.
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Ultrasound at the nanometer scale reveals the nature of force

Researchers have developed a new method to measure force and atomic bonds at the nanoscale that reveals that the speed of sound depends on the structure it is traveling through. Scientists from the University of Nottingham and Loughborough University used a measurement method called picosecond ultrasonics, similar to medical ultrasound,...

Big Brother Recap: The Final 4 Is Decided After Double Eviction No. 2

Feeling a little déjà vu, Big Brother fans? For the first time ever, the CBS reality competition staged two back-to-back double evictions this season, with the second one taking place on Thursday’s episode. And this time around, The Cookout was in a much less celebratory mood: After successfully reaching the Final Six with their alliance completely intact, The Cookout had to lose their own members for the first time on Thursday, with at least one female player guaranteed a trip to the jury house. How did Double Eviction No. 2 shake out, exactly? Read on for the details: THE STRATEGY | Big Brother has...

Observing the life cycle of skyrmions in exquisite detail

For the first time, an all-RIKEN team has watched the entire life cycle of tiny magnetic whirlpools, revealing their birth, movement and death. This will be important for informing the development of future low-power memory devices based on these magnetic swirls. First observed experimentally in 2009, skyrmions are formed when...
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Alphabet’s laser-Internet system has sent 700TB of data with 99.9% uptime

Google's parent company, Alphabet, is still experimenting with hooking up remote towns to the Internet via frickin' laser beams. Today, Alphabet's moonshot "X Lab" shared an update on Project Taara, its experimental point-to-point optical communication system, often described as "fiber optics without the fiber." The company built a working installation in Africa and has been blasting a 20Gbps link about 5 km across the Congo River to a town of millions of people, lowering the cost of Internet access for them.

Monitor air quality with the Raspberry Pi Pico Air expansion board

If you’d like to monitor the air quality in your office or home using the Raspberry Pi mini PC, a new expansion board aptly named the Pico Air might be the perfect addition to your air monitoring project. Offering standard Raspberry Pi Pico compatibility and equipped with a handy 0.9 inch OLED display, PMSA003 Sensor and UART(serial) interface the board is now available to back via Kickstarter. Early bird pledges are now available for the innovative project from roughly $40 or £30 (depending on current exchange rates).

Hisense is even more certain than ever that laser TVs are the future

Hisense claimed to have increased shipments of its laser TVs by up to 325% in 2020; now, it claims to outdone this growth by posting one of up to 600% year-on-year for January to August 2021. The OEM has brought findings such as these to the third annual Global Laser Display Industry Forum, to help attendees convince themselves that this particular sector of the TV market will become dominant sometime soon.

Alphabet's Project Taara uses lasers to beam internet across tricky terrain

Technology left over from Alphabet's Project Loon is capable of transmitting 700TB of data across the Congo River, the company's moonshot lab X said in a blog post on Thursday. Project Taara used wireless optical communications links to bring broadband to a section between Brazzaville in the Republic of the...

Little Simz Gave It Everything She’s Got, and It Shows

Little Simz has just spent an afternoon stranded on the side of a road in London when she logs onto Zoom. You wouldn’t be able to tell from her demeanor, though — she seems palpably unbothered. “It was just a whole thing,” she says, explaining how her driver got a flat tire.

How to build the Minotaur Laser in No Man’s Sky

The Minotaur Exocraft has several upgrades that can transform it from a mode of transport into a machine of war, which is especially useful during No Man’s Sky’s Expeditions. However, these upgrades cost time and resources, and they’re not always easy to craft. This guide covers how to build one of those upgrades, the Minotaur Laser.

Forget that Loon's balloon burst, we just fired 700TB of laser broadband between two cities, says Google

Engineers at Google’s technology moonshot lab X say they used lasers to beam 700TB of internet traffic between two cities separated by the Congo River. The capitals of the Republic of the Congo and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Brazzaville and Kinshasa, respectively, are only 4.8 km (about three miles) apart. The denizens of Kinshasa have to pay five times more than their neighbors in Brazzaville for broadband connectivity, though. That's apparently because the fiber backbone to Kinshasa has to route more than 400 km (250 miles) around the river – no one wanted to put the cable through it.

Lasers beam high-speed internet between cities through open air

Alphabet's floating internet venture Project Loon may have been deflated, but its legacy looks set to live on through a new effort called Project Taara. The team has salvaged the technology to deliver internet connectivity with lasers, demonstrating the viability in a new test between two cities separated by the Congo River.