Sheriff candidate Kozak criticized for website language

CHEYENNE – A page on Laramie County sheriff candidate Brian Kozak’s campaign website has been raising some eyebrows. Since he launched it, the campaign of the former Cheyenne police chief has been advertising various products that people can enter to win. The items include an AR-15 rifle, a Glock pistol, a handmade coffee table, a 40-inch smart TV, alcohol from Pine Bluffs Distilling and a coffee maker, many of which were donated by Kozak’s supporters to his campaign. ...
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Walton County School District is hiring

Walton County School District has many current job postings, click or tap on the relevant link for more information or to apply. Editor’s Note: These job postings were found on the WCSD Career website on Jan. 13, 2022. Please note they could be removed at any time due to the positions being filled.
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Voices: My Italian grandmother and I have a deep affinity, but we don’t speak the same language

Italy has always felt like home to me. My stepmum is from the Emilia-Romagna region in the north, and I’ve been visiting most summers since my parents divorced when I was six months old. I’ve accumulated two extra sides of the family, and it’s a gift.Stepping into my grandmother’s rustic Italian kitchen during a visit in December, I was flooded with nostalgia. Since she was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease three years ago, it has remained largely stagnant and yet, it still smells the same as it always did. Sitting around the table whilst my grandmother cooked for me as a...
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A good project to train your logic game with python language

Basic. I make this game only to train. This is a good project to train your logic game with python language. This game is very simple. It works basically with numbers, “ifs” and “elses”. WARNING: is very likely that it has very errors in the code, “quick fixes” and very problems.

Language Law For National Print Media Comes Into Force In Ukraine

A language law came into force in Ukraine on January 16 that requires all national print media to be published in the country's official language, Ukrainian, in a bid to push back against the use of the Russian language in the public sphere. The law, adopted in 2019, does not...

#SayNoToSanskrit: Debate Around Language Imposition Through Sanskrit University Surfaces

Netizens on Twitter are debating upon proposed Sanskrit University at Magadi in Karnataka. The ongoing discussion is about the government's spending of ₹ 643.84 crores on the promotion of Sanskrit in the last few years as compared to combined spending of ₹ 29 crore on the other five classical Indian languages—Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, Malayalam and Odia.

Can the dog recognize a foreign language?

According to a Hungarian study, man’s faithful friend grasps the difference between his master’s language and others. If it is common to hear masters speak to their dog in English or German, is it true that the animal understands all languages? Is he able to differentiate aulj the“, in Hungarian, of a “sit down” in English or a “Sit down” in French ? A Hungarian study published in the scientific journal NeuroImage, analyzed the brains of ten species of dogs during the reading of a passage from Little Prince of Saint-Exupéry.

How the Alien Languages in Foundation Were Created

This week, host Isaac Butler talks to Fionnuala Murphy, an actor and linguist who invented multiple alien languages for the Apple TV Plus series Foundation. In the interview, Fionnuala explains how she landed the job, which was her first foray into language creation. Then she breaks down the process of designing the languages based on information she could gather from the scripts and conversations with the Foundation team.

Kirby And The Forgotten Land File Size And Supported Languages Revealed

Nintendo has revealed the file size and supported languages for Kirby And the Forgotten Land. According to the game’s official store page, Kirby And the Forgotten Land requires 5.8GB of space, and supports “Japanese, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Korean, Dutch and Chinese” language options. Notably, the...

With Brand Language Under a Microscope, AI-Powered Optimization Appeals to Marketers

Brands are facing intense scrutiny of their public image and stands on hot-button issues, and marketers are feeling the pressure: 68% are under more stress about their brand’s language striking the right tone compared to a year ago, and 63% say their organizations consistently revise language to ensure sensitivity to world events.

LEGAL Language solutions, translation and Interpretation: English, Italian, French and Spanish

LEGAL Language solutions, translation and Interpretation. CERTIFIED BY Georgetown University and AIIC: LEGAL and CORPORATE simultaneous, consecutive interpreter and translator: all combinations of English, Italian, French and Spanish. Industry standard rates: hourly, daily and per word . Over 25 years of experience in USA and Monte Carlo. References on request. website: Cell and Whatsapp +39-345-619-0483; land line +39-06 8660 5667 . Based in Rome, dual national USA/ ITALY. email:

A New York school district has apologized for a middle school Spanish assignment that some parents are calling racist

A New York school district has apologized for a middle school Spanish assignment that some parents are calling racist. Administrators at a school district in upstate New York issued an apology after parents expressed outrage on social media about an offensive homework assignment. 9 hours ago|Atlanta, United States. Spanish homework...

Eastern Shoshone Cultural Center honored to have 20 Shoshone Elders step forward to help preserve the Shoshone Language

(Wind River Reservation, WY) – The Eastern Shoshone Cultural Center was awarded an ANA ARPA grant to create an online audio Shoshone Language Dictionary. Several elders from the tribe, other Shoshone language speakers and community members are convening for a 2-week session with a group of linguistic experts from The Learning Conservancy (TLC) to create a comprehensive dictionary database.

How to Teach Reading Comprehension in a Primary Classroom

Teaching reading comprehension in a primary classroom is simple! I have an easy way of how to teach reading comprehension to kindergarten students and beyond!. How to teach reading comprehension is a common topic of conversation between teachers and school staff, regardless of which grade you teach. Teaching reading comprehension can feel daunting or challenging; whether you have early learners or developed readers. Oftentimes, students can appear to have strong reading comprehension skills in the early grades and struggle as the text becomes more complex. So as a kindergarten or first grade teacher, our goal should be to start teaching and developing reading comprehension skills no matter if your students are developed readers or not. You may be thinking, now Deedee… How am I supposed to teach reading comprehension to sweeties who can’t read? And my response to you, is it all starts with listening comprehension. So, let’s dive into how to teach reading comprehension to kindergarten students and beyond.

Youth Language Internship Opportunity in Partnership with United Houma Nation

The United Houma Nation in partnership with the Houma Language Project received a grant to support Houma youth language learning and the establishment of a Houma Language Committee from the Administration for Native Americans American Rescue Plan Act Emergency Native Language Funding. The 18-month grant focuses on the development of...