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Lakers Fans React After 0-4 Preseason Start

The last time the Lakers built a superteam, things didn't exactly go well. Dwight Howard wasn't himself, Steve Nash was out of his prime, and Kobe Bryant was injured before the first playoff game. In the end, L.A. was eliminated in Round 1. And while the Purple and Gold have...
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Lakers: Viral Social Media Hits Over the Past Week

The Bulls have only played three games in the preseason, but the fans in the Windy City are quickly realizing what an asset Caruso is. Laker fans are definitely rolling their eyes and still wish that Caruso was still in the Purple and Gold. First Quarter of the Lakers-Warriors Friday...
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Lakers Fans React To Carmelo Anthony's First Points In A Lakers Jersey

After suffering a disappointing defeat in the 2021 playoffs, Rob Pelinka and the L.A. Lakers knew they had a lot of work cut out for them. With many of the team's role-players having failed to step up, the franchise prepared for a busy summer. One of their first moves? Signing...

Steve Ballmer On Lakers Fans Hating The Clippers: "There Are 29 Other Teams You Have To Beat To Win A Championship, But You Must Be Pretty Worried About Us."

During the 2019 offseason, Kawhi Leonard and Paul George both joined the Los Angeles Clippers. Kawhi Leonard left the championship-winning Toronto Raptors in free agency to do so, while Paul George was acquired via a blockbuster trade. There are many people who slated them as a future championship team immediately...